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Can you house train a dog without crates?

Tweet The large crate is too big to put anywhere. So if you put up baby gates(that you can’t jump over), in a room and put him in there, is there a way to house train him without the crate? Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online What to Look for in Retractable Baby Gates | […]


where can i find games that let me design dog carriers and accessories for free?

Tweet games that let me design dog carriers and accessories for free Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online Japanese Social Games Company DeNA Announces Record Fiscal Year Pet Carrier Bag – Can my toy dog sit with me in a pet carrier bag on the airplane? – Best Prices Dry Fur Pet Carrier Inserts – […]


Crate training puppy while having an adult trained dog not in crate?

Tweet Does anyone know if there are special tips for crate training a puppy while already having an adult obedient dog that is not kept in a crate any longer? I’m about to get a puppy who I plan on crate training, but I already have an extremely obedient dog who is left free rein […]


Puppy Playpen Question?

Tweet I am getting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel soon. I have been looking at puppy playpens online…I am partial to a Home ‘N’ Go Play Area that is soft material, has a removable inner tray, a side that opens, and you can fold it up and take it with you places. I don’t really […]


My sister is giving us a pet crate?

Tweet the plastic one with a metal door where the top snaps on the to base. It is used and needs to be properly disinfected and deodorized so that our 4 month old minpin puppy doesn’t get any diseases. How would you recommend we properly clean it to ensure he doesn’t catch something? Other Dog […]

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