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Joell Ortiz ft. Mad Dog the Creator – Latino (L Train Remix)

Tweet [Joell Ortiz talking] Look around in my neighborhood…(aqui en el barrio…tu sabes) See how we live… See right there on that corner that’s where they sell the drugs… (la manteca broder) Run numbers…play dominoes…whistle at the fly ladies You know, I’m Latino…hahahahaha (pa’ que sepa!) [Joell Ortiz] The dope gets sold by the bodega […]


wolf dogs..really do make great pets..?

Tweet What a GREAT story of wonderful loving dogs. More suburban dog lovers choose wolf hybrids. By ERIKA I. RITCHIE The Orange County Register When Mike Lehane saw what looked like a sable-colored, thin coyote at the Huntington Beach shelter – his heart melted. He had to have her. After two years, Lehane, 52, and […]


i have a 8 week old german shepherd and im crate training him but he crys when i put him in the kennel?

Tweet he dosent stop at all and i cant sleep im starting to regret that i got him Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online Childhood Sleep Apnea | Snoring Health Sleep Apnea: Can A Dentist Help? | Swollen Jaw


Zeitgeist Addendum

Tweet Zeitgeist: Addendum by Peter Joseph. Full movie Sharing this movie is encouraged. Download from Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online ZEITGEIST – MOVIE (FULL VERSION) PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE | Smny.NET Google Releases First Brand Zeitgeist For India – Trends & Analysis | – Web, Advertising and Technology Blog in India FrontlineSMS […]


Quick, reliable, blind access to the dog spray for targeted firing in any direction

Tweet A demonstration of the ultimate defense against dog attacks on letter carriers Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online Testimony of California State Association of Letter Carriers Before PRC | Postal Employee Network CRC Cancels Planned Demonstration in Washington | Chicago Press Release Services Word on the Street – » Letter carriers pick up 300,000 […]

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