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Has anyone used an extendable wire dog pen as an outdoor fence?

Tweet Precision Pet Wire Dog Pen – 30" I have two miniature dachshunds, a 13 month old female and a 14 week old male. They are both fully house trained and it is getting too hard to put them outside. We rent our house and the yard is not fenced so they have to go […]


The Kiddie Crate 3000!

Tweet Does your child publicly disobey you?? Does he or she drive you insane?? Then we have the perfect solution for you!! The Kiddie Crate 3000! The kiddie crate 3000 is a machine that looks like an animal cage, but, is automatic, and shakes your child while inside to teach them REAL discipline. Free shipping […]


priscilla crate training

Tweet Priscilla learning to get in the crate Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online


Curious about the different approaches. What is crate training?

Tweet I live in Australia and I have no idea what crate training is. I read a question where someone asked about using a kennel or a doghouse. In Australia they are the same thing – a small house for a dog. Our dog has one but it is only used by her on the […]


“Big bird cage” dog feeding scene

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