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German Shepherd Kennel – Do you have the best one?

Tweet When it comes to choosing the right german shepherd kennel for your dog, it could literally make or break your pet’s lifelong home, so use these tips to get them what they want and need… Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online Petmate Deluxe Vari Kennel Jr, Small, Dark Taupe | Dog Community | […]


Burlington, Iowa Dog Raises Kittens

Tweet this is a video of a dog in burlington, iowa that rasies homesless kittens. Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online Iowa Cash Advance Lenders | IEUSS Articles » Memorial service announced for Lowell Jack Josie’s Cute Cats, Featuring Kittens Going On A Space Adventure


What's the best way to crate train an 8 month old shelter dog (terrier mix)?

Tweet I recently adopted a shelter, he’s cute, however he is a terrier mix and quite the little rascal. I already have a dog who is decently trained, he is a maltese. They are both boys and can get a little rowdy and I live in an apartment so I have to constantly watch them. […]


What breed of dog should I get, large inside dog?

Tweet So i’ve been thinking about getting an inside dog again, my old dog was a Beagle she passed away about 2 years ago and she was a joy. I really loved her because she didn’t shed to much and the "drool" was really minimum. I trained my beagle myself and found it not to […]


What does the Pet Deposit in an apartment cover?

Tweet I just got a dog this week, and haven’t had a chance to contact the office about my dog yet. They do allow dogs, but you have to pay a deposit and pet rent, which is fine. The problem is, I overestimated my dogs’s good behavior and he chewed up the carpet in two […]

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