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Martin fenced in a rectangular pen for his dog. He used 60 feet of fencing material. The length of the dog pen?

Tweet is 4 times its width. What are the length and width of the dog pen? Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online


Will dogs and puppies will pee or poop in the same area they live in!?

Tweet YES THEY WILL! Just ask me! I have a dog whom I only kennel when its raining outside and I’ve got to work, beleive me will he/she shit and piss in that 2′, 4′ kennel "cage". I was reading through the "spanking your puppy" questions, and this was the #1 answer, " put it […]


Housebreaking and crate training a 9 week old pup?

Tweet My pup is about 9 weeks. She is a small breed. Right now I am using puppy pads in a bathroom where she hangs out during the day when I am busy around the house. Should I get her trained to use the puppy pads first and then start getting her to go outside? […]


How to convince parents to let me take in this dog?

Tweet Circumstances I have are pretty different than usual so I figured I would ask. We already have dogs and I do the majority of the care-taking of them so I have proved that I can be responsible for the dogs. This dog I want is an adult dog I have been around for 2+ […]


Best way to bring new Kitten in to house with 2 other cats?

Tweet I currently own 2 one-year-old cats that I got about a week apart last summer. They got along fine right away, but this weekend I am picking up a new kitten. I haven’t decided whether to get a male or female, but I am leaning towards a male. The cats I already have are […]

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