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Would it be wrong to leave my dog in the cage for 7-9 hrs?(one day)?

Tweet Hi, I own a Jack Russell Terrier. Today I have a work meeting to attend and everyone in my house will be gone. I normally leave my jack in the cage for around 3-4hours a day when Im at school. Today I have a meeting that will last around 7-9 hours. Would he be […]


How to drop an egg off of a 10 foot roof without breaking?

Tweet Rules: It cant have anything under it It cant be boiled It has to be in a a box/crate/thingy 15 inches or less all the way around We cant jump off the roof with it or catch it at the bottom No glass or weapons I need some ideas! WAe can use a parachute […]


do dogs really need dog crates?

Tweet i am hoping to get a yorkie and i was just wondering if they really need a crate. and also what is the best way to potty train it, should i buy puppy training pads or just let the puppy go outside every 30mins. and do they need to go every 30mins at night? […]


leaving my dog in a pen?

Tweet I have a pomeranian (she’s less than a year old) and since I’ve gotten her I’ve only put her in a pen whenever I’ve absolutely HAD to (like when I go to school). I’ve somewhat stopped doing fun things out of guilt that I would have to put her in her pen. It’s getting […]


Potty training an outdoor dog??

Tweet Yesterday I found a unaltered male pitbull that was out in the 115 degree heat so I took him in and gave him water and hosed him off to cool down. He is now fine but he pees on everything in my house. I already have 4 dogs, 2 pits and 2 boxers so […]

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