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Puppy Obedience Training – Housebreaking Your New Puppy

Tweet Puppy Obedience Training can be a handful, but this article is designed to lighten your load when training your puppy to behave. Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online Training a clever black labrador puppy | Obedience Training For Dogs | Obedience Training For Dogs Dog Obedience Train » Blog Archive » Learn Puppy […]


Siberian Husky Kennel/Breeder

Tweet took my girlfriend to my friends kennel which happens to be the best one in North America some dogs have been featured in various TV shows or movies such as snow dogs, or Due South it was cold -18 celcius not including the wind chill Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online Snowdogs Christmas Gift […]


Why would you leave your child alone with your dog?

Tweet Every time I see a child mauled by a dog of ANY breed it starts off as "I walked into the room", "when I came into the house", "Got back from the store", or any of that other crap. Why wasn’t they home WITH their child? Why would they leave their child alone with […]


How do I get pen stains out of my couch?

Tweet HELP! My dog recently chewed up a blue ball-point pen on my micro fiber couch and now I have blue spots all over! Does anyone know what takes pen out of clothes or micro fiber couches? I was thinking maybe oxyclean, but I would welcome other suggestions. Thank you! Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites […]


Pet PlayPens

Tweet Pet Science Labs Indoor and Outdoor Pet PlayPens Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online Tessella » PRESS RELEASE: Leading science labs collaborate on open source software The Final Food Science Lab: Beverages and Sweets! | fANNEtastic food Hartz Precision Nutrition Adult Dog Multivitamins |

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