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How do you feel about the poor dogs that have to live outside dogs?

Tweet I have always cringed at the site of outside dogs they are either free roaming, tied up with a crappy dog house for cover or in a kennel all day and night. If you own a dog and keep him outside morning noon and night, why even own a dog anyway! They are part […]


Puppy or Dog from the Shelter?

Tweet Why I want a dog- there are many reasons I would like a dog. I greatly miss the companionship of our previous dog and think we could offer a good home to a dog in a shelter or raise a puppy now that we have better support from books, the tv, internet and different […]


Can i put chickens in a dog pen with a coop inside the pen?

Tweet could i do this? it could save me a lot of money and let me buy a bigger space for the chickens. Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online Chinese Discover Key to Jewish Money Smarts: The Talmud! | Jewlicious THE Jewish Blog How to make nesting boxes chickens | Chicken nesting boxes Are Venture […]


What size crate do I need for my dog?

Tweet I have a 11lb yorkie shi tzu mutt. I currently have my dog in my rottweilers old cage which is a good 4x2ft cage and its just way to big for her. I dont want to put her in a really tiny cage where she cant move around but one that is smaller and […]


need a seeing eye cat for your blind dog?

Tweet Sir Henry would walk Minx’s dog anytime… off a cliff… muhahaha #catsrule 🙂 Minx rocks Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online

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