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Basso (The Pug) – Trying Pet Carrier

Tweet Basso is getting bigger and stronger, but remains cute as ever. During weekends we go to the market and he sits in a pet carrier which I put on myself. This video was shoot when I first tried it. It is easy to see why he stops people, charms them, gets photographed and adored […]


Pet Sitting Oakville | Pet Boarding Oakville

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Is this a big enough kennel for my shih tzu mix with a peak a poo?

Tweet I am getting a Shih Tzu mixed with a peak a poo and i was wondering if a crate that is aprx. 18in x 8in? Yes there is enough room for it to stand up too. Is that way too small or not. Please don’t get mad at me I am simply asking a […]


Molly’s life jacket!!!*at my lake house*

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Heated Dog Beds

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