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Pee Pads to Crate Training, is it a possible transition?

Tweet I got my puppy just 3 days ago and I wrote earlier about how she had fleas. I took her to the vet and took care of that issue (combed her continuously, 2 baths, no fleas and got her some frontline just to be sure and I haven’t seen a flea on her in […]


Weaning dog from crate?

Tweet I have a male, neutered Manchester Terrier mix who is about 14 months old. I have had him for almost a year now. Usually, when I leave for work in the morning, I put him in his crate. I then come home for my lunch break, take him out for a walk, then have […]


Looking to get a first dog, please help! Beabull, Pug, American Bulldog, or Boxer.?

Tweet I am considering buying one of the four breeds of dogs above and would like some insight (I know the beabull isn’t technically a breed, but I love Eng. Bulldogs but don’t want the health and money that comes with them). I would like a good house dog. I have a smaller house with […]


Wysiwash Commercial and Review

Tweet Read Wysiwash review @ Wysiwash is a compact, portable and effective cleaning system. It is a complete cleaning solution system that includes a caplet with the most powerful commercial cleaning solution that eliminates molds, fungi, algae and bacteria enclosed in a sanitizer. Now, you need not leave hazardous cleaning agents lying around in […]


Isn't Stuffing Your Dog in a Crate for Hours on End Cruel?

Tweet When it comes to leaving dogs (esp. puppies) alone all day, everyone recommends shoving them in crates. How can that be right? Don’t they need to run around the house, exercise, eat, and eliminate? They’re all alone in a dark, tiny crate for hours while you’re at work. I just don’t understand why it’s […]

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