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Help Housebreaking Puppy – Eliminating in Crate

Tweet We have an 11-wk old Sheltie puppy. Got her when she was 8 weeks old. We’ve been having difficulty housebreaking her. We started her off on puppy pads the first week until she got her 2nd round of vaccines. Been trying to swtich her to going outside. She’s making decent progress in pee’ing outside. […]


What is the Best Puppy Pen

Tweet Hello, thanks for viewing my question. My puppy is about 5 months old and we had her for maybe 2 months now. She is a Boxer and Border Collie mix but she is pretty small right now. Right now she is about just under 20 pounds and the vet doesn’t seem to think she’ll […]


Pet to work or leave at home?

Tweet My dog gets crated at home all day. I do not live in a place where it gets hot EVER, and even on slightly warm days I wouldn’t try this. But today, my dog had a vet appointment so I had to take him with me. So I brought the crate, some water, some […]


Dog questions? thought id put them all on here to save points =]?

Tweet Iv got many dog questions and please answer as many or as little as you like i appreciate any help =) 1. At what age is best to start putting a collar on my pup and teaching him/her to start walking on a leash/ harness. I do not have the pup yet but i […]


House breaking a 4 month old Husky?

Tweet How are we going to do it? We have had her for about 2-3 months now and crate training doesnt seem to have an effect. She can hold it in her kennel for awhile..but she still doesnt seem to understand that she is required to go outside. Am I leaving her out of the […]

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