4 month old puppy pees and poops in crate?

My husband and I adopted a 4 month old lab mix from the shelter a week ago and the last 2 days he’s been pooping in his crate. The first few nights we had him he barely pooped at all which I’m sure it from him adjusting and he also got neutered the day we picked him up and I know dogs may not poop a lot post surgery. Anyways, the last 2 mornings I wake up and he’s pooped and peed in his crate and he’s laying in it. The crate is the correct size for him being a puppy so I’m not sure why he’s doing that now! I feed the dogs around 10-11pm, take them out 30 mins and 1 hour after eating, we go for a run to stimulate something but the most he does is pee, then as soon as were inside he’ll poop and then sometime overnight he poops too. Am I making him wait to long in the morning to go out? Should I be waking up every few hours at night to take him out? Were moving in a couple weeks to a place with a huge backyard so I hope it gets easier but in the meantime what should do so he stops pooping in his crate?

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    5 Responses to “4 month old puppy pees and poops in crate?”

    1. goodgirl says:

      He poops even in the house while not in the crate? If so I would keep a close I on him all day long for a while until you feel comfortable that he understands. Usually you can tell when he is about to go when he starts the position yell no walk him to the door do not carry him cause he will expect it and him being a big dog you don’t want that when get to the door say out and take him it is best to stay out there with him for now so that when he goes you can award him lots of awarding. I would stop giving him water an hour before bed and stop giving him food four hours before bed. Hope this works. P.S. if you want him to go potty on command while he is going say potty It sounds weird but it really works.

    2. joe says:

      Do not ever feed your dog that late. That is why it is pooping in the crate. Take away it’s water and food 3 hours before bed and then take it outside before putting it in the crate for atleast 15 minutes. It should empty out whatever it has left. Then you feed it in the morning and take it out again to pee. 3 hours before bed should be the last time your dog eats or drinks anything for the day. UNTIL it is house trained.

    3. Blondie says:

      Set your alarm and get up about 3-4 hours after bedtime. A 4 month old puppy should not be expected to hold it more than 4 hours at a time (an hour per month of his age).

    4. Nicole says:

      He’s a puppy, he’s going to poop and pee inside for a while. My dog did it for a year and a half, but when we took him out he went outside too. You have to try to form a habit with the dog and someday he will learn!

    5. Cara says:

      I know you said the crate is the correct size for him as a puppy, but what size do you have? The puppy should only be able to turn around and lay down in his crate, not lay in half of it.

      Also, don’t feed him so late. Feed him around 7pm. Also, if he is pooping several times during the day, you could be feeding him too much food. Make you sure let him out a couple of times during the night too.

      What I do with my puppies is I keep them in the crate throughout the day. Start by putting him in for only half an hour and only let him out when he is quiet. Over the next several days, increase the time he is in the crate so that he gets used to holding nature. Since he is a rescue puppy, he probably wasn’t trained correctly in the first couple months, so be patient with him. A dog will naturally want to keep his "den" clean, so it will eventually come.