A dog who is aggressive over cage?

I let out my neighbor’s two dogs after school because my neighbor works late. The two dogs are small, and very friendly. Before I let them out of the cage that they are kept in, one (a male) knarls, barks, and growls at me while I am near the cage and about to open it. It is an aggressive bark. Once I let him out, he is perfectly fine, and the sweetest dog. He is about six years old, and shares the cage with a 12 year old dog, which is smaller than he is. When I put him back into the cage, he begins to growl and be aggressie again. He is a very jealous dog, when I pet the other dog, he comes up close to my face and has a low territorial growl. What can I do to correct this?

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One Response to “A dog who is aggressive over cage?”

  1. ;) says:

    I’m not sure you can correct it. You can push him away if he interferes with you petting the other dog. The vocalizations might not be something you can correct yourself because you don’t live with the dog 24/7.