A question on crate training…?

I keep my 13 week old beagle in his crate at night, which is in our small laundry room, and let him roam free in there with the door closed and the light on during the day. He barks for about 15 minutes at bed time, which is tolerable, but during the day if my roommate is home he will bark non-stop.

I have a very large kennel that I was thinking about keeping him in while I am at work. I had planned to set the kennel in the garage (since the weather is nice), where my roommate can’t hear him barking. Is this a good idea?

Also, he has had a problem in the past with messing his crate, even though the crate meets the size specifications outlined in all of the training videos/sites I have seen. Any ideas there?
Again to clarify, he is NOT in his crate during the day, and he will NOT be in the kennel for any amount of time more than needed for my roommate to study or whatever.

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6 Responses to “A question on crate training…?”

  1. darlarae says:

    When he howls have you tried saying "enough" in a low tone? Dogs need to understand what your boundaries are. Howling for 15 minutes is beyond my limit! LOL On the other hand, if you put his crate in your bedroom he should cry less because they are pack animals. You are in his pack and he’s probably crying to know where you are or because he’s lonely. Does he have lots of toys. They have great toys that you can put treats into to use his brain and playing with him will help too. Do you run with him or play ball with him? Fetch or come find me is great! I leave the TV on animal planet for my dog when I’m not home. I don’t how much of it he can make out to see, but he seems very interested in the noises!:D Do you have a regular walk/feed schedule for him or is he free fed. I ask this because if you feed him and immediately take him for a decent walk he will do all his business then not in the crate. If I walk my dog up and down my driveway he poops and pees. Set your dog up for success! Feed him, then walk him! The bathroom issues should resolve. Beagles are barkers by nature, so I’m not sure the garage will solve your problem. Does your roommate dislike him or something? Could your roommate be in his view during the day? Maybe that would help. A little puppy can be kept in a crate for three to four hours because they simply cannot hold it. When you are home try to walk him at least once an hour and when he pees or poops outside say good potty and give him a treat. It really helps with house training. I taught our dog to ring a bell when he has to go outside in just a couple of days. It’s easy. Hang a Xmas bell on the door. When you go to the door say wanna go outside and go potty? ring the bell as you go to open the door, take him out and come back. It took my boston terrier like two days to ring it on his own. It’s awesome to not have to watch for signs of going outside~he tells me. Also, to help teach him his crate is his safe place, put some treats in there and coax him into it and say good boy lots of praise. Eventually, he’ll get it. He’s just a baby!:D

  2. Angeldogs says:

    He’s just a BABY. Why is he alone all the time in a crate?

    He can hear your roomate is home, and wants to be part of the family. And he’s relegated to a crate- ALONE. Wouldn’t you bark so that someone might come and get you out of jail?

    Try putting the crate in the bedroom near your bed. When he sees you go to sleep, he probably will too.

    If he’s messing his crate, you aren’t letting him out often enough to go to the bathroom. General rule of thumb…….for every month of a dog’s age, that is ONE hour of bladder capacity. Don’t expect him to hold it for more than three hours at 13 weeks.

    Are you keeping him busy enough in his crate? Bones, chews, busy toys, stuffed kongs, treat dispensers, etc.

  3. Anna Mayne says:

    I would not keep him in the garage, that could be pretty dangerous, especially for a small puppy. Though the barking may annoy your neighbor, he will one day learn that he needs to stop barking.

    Another thing to do is teach the dog that being in the crate, and being in the room isn’t a punishment, try to let him enjoy it. It may take awhile, but he will eventually learn.

    I recently adopted a border collie, and it she seemed to enjoy her crate and would keep it clean after waiting a little. It may take a little time, but make sure he loves his crate.

  4. Debbie says:

    Why can’t he be outside during the day? It’s really not good for dogs to be inside ALL the time. If he disturbs the neighborhood with non-stop nuisance barking, get a no-bark collar. As for messing in the crate, withhold food and water for several hours before bedtime & see if that helps. He may still be too young to hold it ALL night, though. It’s been a while since I raised a puppy, lol.

  5. sarahjean says:

    Rule of thumb: never have the cage be any larger than for him to lay down comfy in. If the cage is larger then he has the ability to mess on one side and sleep on the otherside, he will learn eventually, they all do. He barks during the day ebcause he is a puppy and wants to be played with, you cant just keep him in the laundry room all day everyday without human interaction. If you do that he may become aggressive against humans. You could put him in the kennel in the garage considering that he has somethign soft to lay on, toys, water etc if your leaving him in there all day.
    My advise: keep him out of the kennel, he is a puppy and wants to play and not be locked up all the time!!!

  6. BYB's (BYBs) Have Gigantic Hunts says:

    How long are we talking here? All night AND all day? That’s too much crate time for ANY dog, much less a 13 week old hound.

    If you are crating this dog more than 3-5 hours during the day, then doggie needs to go back to the breeder or to Beagle rescue.

    Beagles are barkers and you dumping him in the garage in a cage isn’t going to cure that.

    + Ok, so he’s locked in the laundry room while you are at work. But you are PLANNING to cage him in the garage when the roommate can’t watch the puppy.

    This whole thing sounds like a nightmare for this poor pup. I shudder to think what’s going to happen when you no longer have a roommate to care for this dog during the day.