A Rare Breed of Love

The book A Rare Breed of Love is a collection of full-color celebrity photos and personal stories that was inspired by a puppy mill survivor named Baby, formerly known as number “94.” After being locked in a cage for 9 years, Baby’s leg had to be amputated due to lack of exercise, malnourishment, over-breeding and severe osteoporosis. Her vocal cords were also cut by the owners so that they wouldn’t be annoyed listening to her crying to be let out of her cage. Baby survived this ordeal to become a “national spokesdog” to raise awareness about the cruel and inhumane business of dog breeding. Today she is loved and cherished by author, artist, psychologist and animal welfare advocate, Jana Kohl, aka “Ma.” On June 3, Baby and Jana will embark on a cross country road trip, spreading the word about puppy mills. In addition to the book, from which the profits will be donated to The Humane Society of the United States, there is also a toe-tapping companion album/CD, as well as a plush toy, Baby bank, and other cool stuff that you can find on Baby’s site: www.aRareBreedofLove.com

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25 Responses to “A Rare Breed of Love”

  1. genevievehaag says:

    Hearing the crying dogs almost made me cry 🙁

  2. PrimitiveKat says:

    A righteous person cares [even] about the life of his animals, but the compassion of wicked people is [nothing but] cruelty. -GOD’S WORD Translation

  3. MissMousy60 says:

    Thank you for helping these poor helpless animals. Baby is so adorable.

  4. GeneralDevestation says:

    Jana Kohl is a fucking miserable cunt. I hope she gets breast cancer and fucking dies ASAP.

  5. LionessCub1 says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER BUY PUPPIES FROM PET STORES!!!!!!!!!! 99% of them buy from puppy mils and those who breed their own cant legally control what kind of home their puppies go to…

  6. citydog says:

    This is all kinds of awesome. 🙂

    And bipartisan support! (I can’t think of much Barack Obama and Rick Santorum would agree on…)

  7. greenpalaka says:

    the dog looks like a half poodle and half rabbit!!… realy cute!

  8. NintendoJoker says:

    its discuisting what they do to animals.

  9. fvinagre says:

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  10. doidreamagain says:

    Your book made me cry! You are truly an inspiration. I wish more people were as kind and caring towards animals as you are.

  11. mocrumbo says:

    Jana, you ROCK! I love you for what you and Baby are doing. I rescued my pit bull from scumbag backyard breeders. I swear, I am ALLERGIC to people!!! I wish you and Baby ALL the best.

  12. wenino says:

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  13. ilovepogo says:

    too many people look at animals as dollar signs rather then as a living breathing life with rights, there is too much animals being used and it is not just puppy mills doing this.

  14. LeaM87 says:

    My favorite spot to hang out is at a local book store and when i walked by your book i instantly stopped and my heart gave in. my boyfriend told me not to buy the book … but behind his back i went back and got it. i read it thouroughly and when i was done i searched baby up on youtube. i’m very proud of you and seeing how far you’ve gotten. thank you.

  15. laguerita88 says:

    i simply LOVE baby!

  16. abigailsatchel says:

    Thankyou Jana for letting the world know that these places DO EXIST and the petstores are purchasing puppies from these hellholes. So please everyone rescue/adopt anything but buy! The puppymills will shut down if there is no demand, save a life get good karma.

  17. seattlemarie says:

    Please go and see Jana and Baby if they come to a town near you. Meeting them was truly inspiring and just being in the presence of Baby was a huge thrill. Looking into those sweet puppy dog eyes makes me want to be a better person. I’m joining the fight against puppy mills. Please join me.

  18. Holegria says:

    BLESS YOU for what you are doing. I wish you and Baby a beautiful and long life together.

  19. MillionDollarPetPix says:

    We were so glad to see you and baby and to hear about your initiative on Good Morning America today. Sure hope your road trip and visit to Washington will persuade Congress to make changed to shut down puppy mills. Love the song too… “I’m Free” We’ve added you to our faves.

  20. DebraHarris says:


    Wishing you great success on your book and your tour and I know you are trying to make a difference in the world and are doing this because of all of the love you have in your heart for your dog baby and all of the other animals that need to be loved. YOU GO GIRL!

  21. flipsforfun says:

    awesome idea! YOU GO! I can’t wait to see you guys on June 4th in Newport Beach!!

  22. kingoftokyo2006 says:

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  23. bryharrell says:

    I can’t wait for the tour to start! I know it will be fabulous!

  24. bryharrell says:

    Go Baby Goooooooooo!!!!!

  25. angcope says:

    I can’t wait to get the book! Bless you and Baby for your commitment to stoping this horrible abuse.