about 6 days ago my dog knocked over my hamsters cage and since then my hamster started sleeping day and night?

about 6 days ago i put my hamsters cage out side to get in some fresh air…i left for 5 min and my dog knocked over my hamster’s cage when i found my dog and a empty knocked over cage i thought my dog ate my hamster, but the next day my dad found my hamster crawling into a little hole. i bathed him with warm water, dried him till not a drop of water was left. My hamster spent the entire night in my backyard basically and throughout that time i have no clue what he did or where he went. i also made sure i took care of any wounds created by my dog or the outside world. but since he came back my hamster started sleeping day and night. usually he played and was very active all through the night till like 6 or 7 in the morning.
also, he’s not eating…i’ve bought him 3 different bags of hamster chow and he hasn’t touched it, he just drinks water water water only WATER and i am extremely worried, he barely moves only to drink water/move from one side of the cage to the other(slowly)/dig a hole to sleep in and that’s about it. i haven’t seen him poop for the past 3 days.
no limping so im sure he doesn’t have a broken leg
no internal bleeding Cuz if not he’d be dead
idk what to do.
there’s no money for a vet and idt there’s a vet very close to where i live…..
any suggestions…i honestly think he’s constipated but im unsure what to do if he is :'((
help please

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4 Responses to “about 6 days ago my dog knocked over my hamsters cage and since then my hamster started sleeping day and night?”

  1. Jane says:

    I’m not quite sure what’s wrong but I do know it’s really bad to get hamsters wet. It makes them have higher chances of catching a cold and usually hamsters don’t over come colds and they die. Also, if the hamster had wounds from the dog it could have water in it’s blood stream. Very dangerous. And it could have gotten into poisson ivy when it was outside. And if it was windy that’s not good for hamsters. If you think it is constipated try holding it on it’s back and pressing down and up on it’s stomach as if it were a chocking human but just don’t press to hard. Also rub it’s belly in clockwise circular motions. These are just ideas but I hope they help! Best of luck!

  2. Heather says:

    hes in shock play with him more and try to get him to eat carrots and pet him and talk to him and dont let your dog get close to him agiain i have had a hamster in shock befor and playing wit it and trying to make it feel good it should come over it yea not to get you upset but when mine went in shock it over came it it died 2 monthes later but l dont know so dont worrie to much please hope every thing goes ok

  3. KB says:

    he’s probably in shock. Sorry but i really dont know how long it lasts or if it kills him. But 1 things for sure and thats that he is in shock from your dog knocking it over. (P.S that’s why it crawled into a hole)

  4. trish b says:

    I’m, like, sooo sorry! You shouldnt leave him outside, though. Something could get him. And he can catch a cold, freeze, or get really wet. You shouldnt bathe him, it can kill him. You should give him his reg food, and some KONG dog treats ( mine loves them!). You should keep him off the ground and away from drifts. He is, just to warn you, prob dying. Feed him three times a day. If you cant, two. Morning, afternoon, night. You should play with him atleast 20 mins near night time. Hamsters are nocturnal. Give him chew toys and stay away from wet things. If he does not chew the toys, tottally fine… You should also bring him in to a pet store and ask about him. Since you dont have money for a vet ( neither do i). If he is a long hair, you have to brush him with a tooth or hamter brush. Check for any swelling, wetness on him, or if he starts limping. Give him fresh water every day and a house for him. If he is a longhair, get him a long hair playmate. Feed him lots of treats, food, and play with him, keep him away from drifts and the ground, pets or other animals, and keep inside.

    Love Hamsters!!!