Do puppy pads work with potty training?

As some of you know, i’ve been asking tons of questions about puppies today, how to take care of them, and train them. In my last question I asked if I could leave it in its kennel while im away at school. Many of you disagreed, and I do too. Could I make a suggestion though? What if I bought one of those large playpens and placed one of those scented pads for the puppy to do its business on? and so instead of using the crate training technique, i could just use the pads instead… right?

…i really want this puppy.

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    4 Responses to “Do puppy pads work with potty training?”

    1. zdre84 says:

      Not so much. Pee-pads have scent that encourage the puppy to pee on them, meaning that puppy will learn that it’s ok to go in the house. That will be a VERY hard habit to break when he/she is older!! You really need to find a friend or neighbor that can come let the puppy out and give it some attention every 2-4 hours, depending on the age of the puppy.

      My boyfriend and I got a puppy back in May. We were very lucky that his boss was nice enough to let him bring the puppy to work for the first few weeks. After that, we could leave her at home in the crate, but still came home during lunch breaks to take care of her.

      Try to find a few people who can help you out.

    2. I LoVe MaLtEsE says:

      I use the pee pads and they are great! Make sure when ur home from school u spend as much time as possible with him/her! Walks everyday as many times as possible, play time. while in play pin make sure it has food and water. Puppies are supposed to eat 3 times a day, so who is gonna feed it lunch? Just be serious and motivated, u have to REALLY want this. which im sure u do. what kind of dog is it? make sure u get a big enough pin so it has plenty of room.

    3. Jess says:

      You would be teaching the puppy that its ok to eliminate indoors. It will soon stop using the pad, and just go anywhere inside.

      It is confusing and counterproductive to try and teach a dog to go outside and inside.

      Maybe now is not the right time for a puppy.

    4. suzy49 says:

      I haven’t seen your earlier questions yet, but maybe I can help you with this one! I’m not sure how long you are at school, if it’s full time then that’s too long to leave a puppy in a crate without a chance to get out and relieve himself. But maybe you could go home at lunchtime? Or have someone go to your house and take the puppy out, play with them etc.? A petsitter shouldn’t be too hard to find, or expensive. Maybe a neighbor even.

      If none of that seems possible, you could use an exercise pen, a small room that’s fenced off with a gate, or a playpen. If your puppy is to be left alone for hours on end though, the potential for mischief or trouble is pretty high. Puppies chew everything, and they’ve no sense of danger, so you’d have to be very sure that the place you’ve confined him is totally puppy proofed and safe.

      This wouldn’t be such a good idea in terms of housetraining, as it teaches the puppy that it’s okay to ‘potty’ indoors. Retraining him later to go outside isn’t going to be a piece of cake. If it’s a small breed puppy, and you intend to litter train or anything like that it could work. But proper housetraining, started early and followed through is really your best bet.

      Anyway, hope this helps a little. If you have other puppy questions, you’ll probably find the answers at the website below. Good luck and I hope it works out for you with this puppy.