Am I ready for my first puppy?

I just turned 16, and I’ve wanted a dog for as long as I can remember. As a family, my parents and I all now feel ready for a do, and that we can meet the needs and requirements of a dog.

I’m going to get a puppy in a late June this year, a Portugese Water dog (breeder : – met them at Crufts and they seem very good).

I know what I need to do to prepare before I get my dog, but please add on anything if you think of it!

-Talk with everyone who’s going to be involved with the dog – ie. when I’ll be away for a day – won’t happen often – talk with my neighbour to see i she’ll be okay with checking in on my dog for that day (my family are ready for it & want a dog), I also help out at a Kennel who is good and they have grooming services, as I know PWD’s need a lot of clipping.

-Buy toys/beds/crates – research food, clicker training and all the other essentials

-When I get the dog to get him vaccinated & microchipped and Petplan insurance

-Neuter/Spay my dog when the time is right (when fully mature)

-Know the walking routes I will take each day (about 2.5 miles, excluding playing time in the garden) and walk the routes so I get an idea

-Walk neighbours dogs, I also help out at a kennels for more experience.

-For my cats begin introducing doggy smells to them.

-Create a dog document, with all the information on it [i’ve collected a lot of dog magazines and information from Crufts]

When I go away to University my parents are fine with taking care of the dog while I’m away, and I will visit on weekends and holiday breaks (Uni only an hour away).

We have enough neighbours so if one is unable to check on the dog then we have other friends who could, if not then I know a very good kennels which I help out at, and (s)he would spend the say there.

I’ve organised with someone who has a puppy to meet our cats to see how they react to him, this will all be carefully measured to make sure all goes smoothly (no cat scratches etc)

We have enough money to cover any accidents or emergancies at the vets (and we know a good vet too!)

I’m thinking of buying Patricia McConnell books, she seems excellent.

I’m planning on feeding raw through the prey model diet. We have two local butchers near us who we’re good friends with, and I know all about the P.M diet.

I know not to exercise and do agility till the dogs joints are fully developed.

My cats have met another dog and they stood their ground, they hissed at the dog and the dog just walked away.

I think that’s all for now, but please mention if I’ve missed anything.

Thank you, Sophie x
@Diesel, yes, it’s in the text :]
Forgot to sayy that I will be on a three month break, so I’ll be by my puppies side most of that time 🙂
@Taylor, whether it’s from a good breeder or a rescue, I’m helping dogs. The only way it wouldn’t be good if its from a puppy mill or pet store, and I would never do that.

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8 Responses to “Am I ready for my first puppy?”

  1. Cali Johnston says:

    Hi this might help you out , our dog was so unruley she was a whirlwind just running wild and not reacting to any of our commands. I did some research online and this is the site I chose and it really helped and was so much cheaper than a training school.

    Good luck

  2. Taylor Oliver says:

    Don’t buy from a breeder!!! 🙁 there is a puppy somewhere in a shelter that needs a home and would love to be in your family.

  3. Jano says:

    Congrats, Sophie. It seems like you have thought it all out and are ready to begin being a responsible pet owner. Just know that puppies are like babies, so cute and cuddly and lovable but a lot of work and frustration at times. This will be much harder than you anticipate. The cats will not like him right off. They will sit on the tops of furniture and hiss. You will feel bad for him because he only wants to play. They may swipe his nose once or twice to teach him kitties are not chew toys. Eventually they will all at least learn to tolerate each other. Potty training will be frustrating at first. You will take the dog out and spend 40 minutes playing and the dog will not potty- you will come in and he will pee on the floor before you even get your coat off. This will happen more than once. Some days you will wonder if he will EVER learn to mind. He will chew up at least one item you are extremely fond of. He will end up being the best dog you ever had. Wishing you luck and love.

  4. Nurse Diesel says:

    It sounds like you are ready, but have you considered what will happen when you go away to college in a couple of years?

  5. Kaede says:

    You are ready for sure.

  6. cllconnie11 says:

    Sounds like you’re all set! I wish more dogs had responsible guardians like you!! the only thing i might mention is that you could check out vaccinosis online, and dont overdo the vaccinations. love that youre feeding raw, i think thats the single most important thing for your dogs health!

  7. Shauna says:

    Haha I think that you have covered everything. Thats going to be one loved and well taken care of puppy. I’m happy to hear that you have done your research and are prepared to wait for the perfect puppy from a good reputable breeder. Well done and I wish you well in the future for many happy years with your dog. (:

  8. Jill says:

    What a carefully thought out post ! But can you be at home all day while you house train ? As puppies need to go out every hr on the hr ! and the second they wake up for a sleep ! With our last 2 puppies, I bought slip on shoes, and didnt take them off for a second during the day, as that second I’d need to take them out.

    Its always worth asking your neighbour now, whether they would happily look after your dog if you were away for a day. As they may find it an imposition. We used to have several fab neighbours, but only 1 would help out, when we were out all day. Say at crufts : D

    Or ask if you can take your pup, (when fully vaccinated from 6 mths) down to your local kennels, just while your there, so they can get used to it. I have worked and managed kennels and catteries, and I hated it, when people would turn up with there adult dogs, and leave them for 2 + weeks. When they had never been before, as they were the ones to stress something chronic, and therefore be a nightmare to feed and look after. We can never see into the future and a dog is a 10/20 yr responsibility, So its something to think about, if in 5/10/15 yrs, you need to use a kennel. You then know your boy/girl will be chilled out and not stressing.