American Bulldog introduced into cat household?

Me and my boyfriend live in a home in town and we only have our 1 male cat who is almost 2 years old. We were contacted that there was a female, spaded, pure-bred American bulldog that was free to a good home. She is only 10 months old. It was from a breeder who took her in from her previous owner who didn’t care for her the way they should have. There was no abuse, but lack of food. We went to visit her and get to know her and she was very tame and mellow and affectionate. She knew basic commands and let an 18 month old crawl all over her. We wanted to give her a try and so far she keeps her mellow personality. When we walk her she listens to everything we say and doesn’t give a thought to wild bunnies or squirrels. An occasional pause to see what it is, but then loses interest. I was wary of introducing her to our cat, but so far she hasn’t even lunged or tried to play with the cat. I’m confident our cat would stand his ground as he just slinks around the room with his eye on the dog. I’m just not sure if this is just the dogs nervous behavior and she will get rougher as she gets comfortable, or if we just lucked out and got an American Bulldog with none of the "bully" tendencies. I’m not sure if I will ever be comfortable enough to leave them with access to each other when we are at work. That’s another question as to the best way to contain our dog when we are both at work, as we are in town but don’t have a fenced in yard or a fence crate. We have the large pet carrier and that’s about it. I’m just looking for some advice into this breed, as it’s not one I ever anticipated myself getting. Can we judge her personality from only 10 months old? Or can she still revert to her natural "bully breed" traits. We would obviously train her as best we could and reward her good behavior. I just know that sometimes the best trained dogs can still have the wrong button pushed and snap out. Any advice is appreciated!

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3 Responses to “American Bulldog introduced into cat household?”

  1. MtotheR MIGHTY RA! says:

    Dogs don’t just ”get trained” and then that is it. It carries on and if you are worried you should get professional training

  2. dizzyz says:

    It is hard to say if the dog will hurt the cat or not, so you should give the cat a place to go where the dog can’t get at him for the time being. Even if you block off a bedroom with a baby gate, so the cat has a safe place to hide. They should get used to each other in time.

  3. CiDub says:

    I would just keep my eye on them when they are together. We have a cat, a dog, a bird, a turtle, and a chinchilla & they all get along fine. I wouldnt recommend keeping them away from each other bc they need to be socialized with each other. Also, I suspect that if your dog was going to go after your cat, she would have done it already. Give it time and just keep a watchful eye on them. Also, should your dog end up going for your cat, grab the dog by the collar and put her away.. Dont try to grab the cat, that would make things more high energy & the dog would be jumping on you to get to the cat & the poor cat would be freaking out & possibly scratching you as well. Good luck & I hope you & all your animals live in peace & harmony 🙂