Are my pets 2 cramped?

I have 50 animals, currently, although four are soon to be sold (I hope)…
These are the arrangments — I want to know if this is to squished:
My five outdoor dogs & two outdoor cats live in a "barn", about the size of a garage, with a light to keep them warm, a bed for each dog, and two beds for the cats. Then there’s a doggy-door allowing all outdoor animals to enter and leave the house at any time (indoor animals are not allowed to go outdoors) Then my two indoor dogs are allowed all over the house, same with my four indoor cats. But they have "crates" or "kennels" that they can sleep in. My littlest pup, Princess Gizmo, is being potty trained, so she sleeps in her crate all the time, but when she’s potty trained, until she gets bigger she’ll have the same arrangments as my two indoor pups.
Then my two ferrets have their OWN ROOM! I have a small "bathroom" with no toilet sink or tub, but it’s about the size of a bathroom.
And in the corner is a little box, the other corner is a bed for them both. They have food & water bowls at the other end.. (this is upstairs) and then toys all over, like climbing and tubes.
My five birds live in a huge cage, in the basement that takes up about my whole South wall. Then on the other side, in another HUGE cage that takes up about half my East wall, where the three turtles and the two iguana’s live. Then in another room down there, is where the bunnies have been moved.. I moved the bunnies indoors.. Their cage is about twice the size of a "typical" bunny cage. And then attached is a li’l playroom, (I go all-out for my pets =) lol) So, they can go in there and there’s tubes and stuff to play on in there..
And then my fish live in an outdoor pond. They have lighting for the winter, and the pond is pretty spacey
Then my 3 hamsters live in a hamster cage exactly like the bunny cage, with attachments just like the bunny-cage. They live in the middle floor
This is all of it.. So what do you think, are all my pets to cramped??
Oh and my six puppies all sleep in small beds for themselves, that I will give them to take with when they’re sold.

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4 Responses to “Are my pets 2 cramped?”

  1. Nikkinator says:

    Wow– 50 pets?? MAAAN! I’m doing good with three lol!

    It sounds like you’re okay, space-wise, but how about health-wise?
    If one animal got sick in your "pack" the rest would be exposed to his illness.. I would consider this. Also, sounds like 50 pets are going to consume alot of your time&money.. You sure you have enough time&money to spare? Well, I guess you’ve kept them this long! Lol..

    I would say maybe get better arrangments for the six pups, but otherwise, you’re doing good.

  2. ice queen says:

    they sound like they have plenty of room how do you cope with all those pets?lol
    you certainly love animals

  3. Rachel12345 says:

    thats a lot of pets
    they dont sound too squished to me really but are you sure you have the time to give them all the attention they need?

  4. identicalsnowflake says:

    It sounds like they have all the room they need but what about you? Are you too cramped? And do they animals fight? Are they healthy? Do you get to spend enough time with them? It sounds like they are not cramped but it also sounds like they are all surrounded which can be nerve racking. Living in the same house as so many others…can be irritating even for pets. As long as they are happy I don’t see the problem.