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Help Housebreaking Puppy – Eliminating in Crate

We have an 11-wk old Sheltie puppy. Got her when she was 8 weeks old. We’ve been having difficulty housebreaking her. We started her off on puppy pads the first week until she got her 2nd round of vaccines. Been trying to swtich her to going outside. She’s making decent progress in pee’ing outside. We always reward her well with high-level treats (been using lunch meat or hot-dog pieces) when she goes outside. However, she seems to think that inside and/or her crate is the place to go poop.

Here is her approximate schedule,
5am – Wake, Immediately go outside to poop/pee
6-7am – She eat 1st meal, we get ready for work, play a little
7-7:30 – outside to poop/pee
7:30-1130 – work/crate
1130-1230/1 – poop/pee; eat 2nd meal, poop/pee
1-5p – work/crate
5p – poop/pee; eat 3rd meal; poop/pee; play
7p – eat 4th meal; poop/pee
9p – bed/crate

She normally doesn’t eliminate in her crate during the night. Only during the day when we’re at work.

It seems like she just refuses to go outside and will actually hold it until inside. The other day I took her on a walk hoping that it might activate her to have to go (and I knew she had to poop because it had been a while and she hadn’t gone yet). Well about 15-20 minutes into it, she started freaking out and started running as fast as she could back to the apartment. I wouldn’t let her in at first; butr after about 10 minutes of her trying to get inside, I let her into the apmt and she pooped in the apartment.

Anyone with ideas on changing this behavior? I’m fearing she is getting comfortable with eliminating in crate and we definitely do not want that!! I know she is still young, but I want to ensure we are progressing with her and not regressing.

To answer a few other questions, I have tried both to not say anything when the eliminate in apmt and take them outside as well as yell and/or clap when they are in process of eliminating, then take out. I always immediately take outside and I’ve never punished her after the fact; only in process. Also – We have an exapandable crate, currently at 22"Wx22"Dx24"H. She is about 15" in length, 3lb. Should I consider shortening the crate depth?

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    What is the Best Puppy Pen

    Hello, thanks for viewing my question.

    My puppy is about 5 months old and we had her for maybe 2 months now. She is a Boxer and Border Collie mix but she is pretty small right now. Right now she is about just under 20 pounds and the vet doesn’t seem to think she’ll grow all that much more. My dog does have some big thigh muscles though and big shoulders but her body and head is pretty small. Really smart dog too.

    The dog is pretty good with waiting to go outside to potty. She will go to the front door if she needs to go. She is a little sick though, so I’ve seen her once pee inside, I don’t think she went to the front door first either. Anyway, she is pretty good with everything. There are times when she goes to the bathroom but then we can’t keep a close eye on her. If we let her roam around then she might start biting something she shouldn’t or whatever else.

    So, I feel bad putting her in the crate too much because then she can only really lay down or stand up. One other thing is that my sister sometimes brings over her West Highland Terrier puppy and I’m thinking they could be put in the pen together.(?)

    I’m thinking of buying a puppy pen but they are really expensive for me right now. They’re actually a pretty good price if they serve their purpose, but still expensive for me.

    I was thinking of getting the 6-panel but I’m not sure I’ll really need one that big. I think when she gets older the thing could be pointless. Maybe 4-panel would be enough.

    I’m not sure which size would be best but it looks really good.

    this one looks like it could be the best deal, but I’m not sure how well it stands up. Reviews seem good and from the last picture shown with the dog sitting in the middle it looks like a good amount of space. Best deal?

    Would you recommend I spend the money on the crate? And I could keep it for resale or reuse with another puppy. Do most of you use these and if so which ones?

    Which of the pens would you choose? Why?

    Thank you all

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      Pet to work or leave at home?

      My dog gets crated at home all day. I do not live in a place where it gets hot EVER, and even on slightly warm days I wouldn’t try this. But today, my dog had a vet appointment so I had to take him with me. So I brought the crate, some water, some food and bed, etc with me. It’s like 40 degrees outside, so overheating was not a factor. All day I took multiple breaks to take him out and play with him, make sure he got some potty time, did a little command training (sit, stay, etc)played in the snow a bit. We both have really enjoied today so far, and it seems like he is loving the fact that he’s getting attention during the day.

      So I thought- maybe a few days a week, we can do this if the weather permits and all is well. But then I looked online and saw that some people don’t even leave their dogs in the car for more than 20 mins, that it is animal abuse, etc and I started to feel bad. But then I was thinking that maybe our circumstances were a bit different so I thought I’d ask.
      Crate him at home, or crate him in the car on weather acceptable days, maybe a couple to a few days a week?

      What do you guys think?

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      Dog questions? thought id put them all on here to save points =]?

      Iv got many dog questions and please answer as many or as little as you like i appreciate any help =)

      1. At what age is best to start putting a collar on my pup and teaching him/her to start walking on a leash/ harness. I do not have the pup yet but i am just getting prepared. He/she (not sure which sex yet) is a Yorkshire Terrier, he/she is coming from a very reputable breeder. He/she will be 12 weeks old when i get him/her. I know that he/she will need all his/her vaccinations and cannot go out until he/she is 14 weeks old so i was wondering should i buy him/her a collar of his/her size and put it on him/her when i get him/her? or would that be a waste of money as he/she is going to grow? he/she will use a collar full time cuz it has the tags and such which is very important. So i want to know if i should wait or start him/her on a collar wants i get him/her. As for the harness and leash training? How old should he/she be when i start putting it on and walking him/her around the house and showing him/her the proper way to walk?

      2. I want to know what the BEST dog food out there is? i mean the best! money isn’t an issue so what is truly the BEST? He/she will be sporting the long show coat so i need a dog food that will help maintain a beautiful coat as well.

      3. Male or female what should i go for? All breeds are different so i am talking about the yorkie breed which is better male or female? If you had to pick what sex would YOU pick?

      4. What is the best shampoo and conditioner? (long haired breed so he/she will need conditioner as well)

      5. How big of a crate should i get? For a yorkie puppy? The yorkie will grow so i was wondering if i should get a crate that will fit him/her when he/she is an adult and if its too big now using a divider? Or should i get a crate to fit her then as she grows buy a new one?

      6. Any potty training tips? iv studied and i pretty much know what to do but id love to here potty training tips from you.

      7. How many times a month should i cut my puppies nails? remember he/she is a puppy and i want to get it use to things but i am not sure how many times i should cut her nails?

      Thanks guys! i appreciate much!

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      House breaking a 4 month old Husky?

      How are we going to do it? We have had her for about 2-3 months now and crate training doesnt seem to have an effect. She can hold it in her kennel for awhile..but she still doesnt seem to understand that she is required to go outside. Am I leaving her out of the kennel to long to play? How long can you keep her in the kennel each day? What am I doing wrong? PLEASE HELP!!

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