basset hound almost a year. very hard time house training her. Anyone with some tips on difficult bassets?

She is almost a year old and I have no luck in her being consisant. I have trained other dogs to house train no problem. She just seems to forget and will go anytime without thinking anything about it. Doesn’t understand she should go in the house. Crate trained she won’t go in her bed and I can take her out she’ll go…then have multiple accidents in the house during a day. I have walked her as often as 30 min to 1 hour. I finally had to put her out in an outside kennel she won’t go in her house but will in her pen right outside her door. I want her to be an indoor dog but I can’t clean carpets all day HELP!
I’ve had her checked by the vet she is healthy. Not only have trouble with her peeing but she poops a lot inside too. Maybe I should schedule meals and water could someone tell me how to do that without depriving her? I measure amounts but let her eat as she wants…also I have been feeding her cheap food because the better brads I tried gave her the runs.

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  1. pa2 says:

    Certain dogs have a hard time with being house-trained. I know my Jack Russell gave me a run for my money!
    Do the checklist of usual suspects:
    1. She’s out right after she wakes up, or after eating or last thing before going to bed.
    2. She’s not giving you signs that you’re not picking up on (a friend thought that her dogs was begging for treats until I told her why don’t you try opening your back door? She was waiting by the treat jar because that’s the only place said friends took time to "communicate" with her dog).
    So is she begging, whining, looking at the door, the floor, etc. in an unusual way?
    3. Is she staying in her bed while looking at you as if to say, "Can’t you see if I move I leak?"
    If you’ve tried a lot of things (including lots of patience for a year),
    Well, don’t hesitate to get her check for a urinary tract infection — which my Jack Russell got from not being able to go when she wanted.

    Good Luck,
    Fellow Dog Lover

  2. pnktzr50 says:

    I would continue to kennel her until she learned. It took my dog several months before he got the right idea. Check with your vet also, she may have a medical problem.

  3. surferqt369 says:

    Well i have a really big lab and well we hadn’t potty trained her because she was always an outside dog but once we took her to our condo well we couldn’t let her out because she is WAAAYYY over the weight limit for a dog in a condo so we don’t let her out anymore and we set down pee pee pads around the house where she use to have accidents the she would go back to that spot and well u know then all you have to do is pick up the pee pee padand through it away but somebody told me to put the pee pads outside and then take them out cause they like the scent and the will go on it outside then once they are use to it you can take away the pee pee pad and they will remember the scent and go there!!
    i hope that helped you!

  4. cannondalerick says:

    JR is right, check with your vet.

  5. Susan S says:

    Perhaps she is telling you she needs to be an outside dog?

  6. JR says:

    Continue to keep her in the crate and you may want to check with a vet it could be a bladder infection.

  7. calalum1 says:

    I have a basset hound, and can confirm that they are very stubborn dogs–though loveable. Mine did the same thing as yours, especially when she was ticked off about something. One thing I noticed was that if she was in one room, but wanted to be in another room, she’d urinate on the carpet as if to say don’t shut me off. I did try all the various carpets shampoos and sprays that are supposed to repel dogs, but they didn’t work. Eventually I got a dog door panel for the patio door so that she can choose when she wants to go out. Basically, I think bassets are strong willed dogs who will do what they want to do, when they want to do it.