Beagle/ Dog Question on Potty Training?

Okay so im having a 8 week old female beagle puppy in a few weeks.. question on potty training?
Can you teach your puppy to go out side?
i know i read you have to take them out every hour and after meal times and that,
i was going to use the puppy training pads, but i was told by a friend that if you train the puppy on the pads that the puppy thinks its okay to ‘do their business’ inside and then when there older they will just ‘do their business’ anywhere in the home is this true?

i know when she goes outside and ‘does her business’ i should praise her and give her treats and that!.. anyone in this position or have been that can help?

How did you potty train you puppy/dog?

ah and i wont be crate training my puppy.

Thanks for Your Help and Time ;D
I will Choose Best Answer and Rate 🙂

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    2 Responses to “Beagle/ Dog Question on Potty Training?”

    1. Jessica says:

      No to potty pads. My puppy just tore them up. You should stick to taking the dog out every hr and about 10 minutes after eating or drinking, even a little, and right away after waking up. I did crate train because that was the only way I could get some sleep. I never let the puppy go more than 6 hrs without going outside. Being in the crate will help them at night and when you are not home. They will not go in the crate, provided that the crate is only large enough from them to turn around in. Dogs will not mess where they sleep, unless they are sick. The dog may mess once or twice even in a crate until they figure out that messing in the crate means sleeping in that mess.

    2. Jess says:

      Your friend is right. Your dog will just learn that going potty in the house is ok and that’s not good lol. I’ve trained my puppies by carrying them around everywhere (that also helps them get socialized) and when they go potty out side you say good girl and praise them for being good, but if she goes in the house then you say bad girl and take her outside and eventually she’ll go to the door and you’ll know she wants out to go potty. I have a dachshund and he is really good at telling us when he needs to go. Good luck! :oP