Beagle/ Dog Question on Things i Need?

Okay so far on My list of things to get for My (Female) Beagle Puppy (Bailey) i Have…?

* Collar&Harness&I.D Tag
* Food&Water Bowl
* Chew Toys/Dog Toys
* Dog Crate/Kennel
* Grooming Set&Claw Clippers
* Dog Food/Treats
* Poo Bags&Poo Bag Holder
* Toilet Training Pads
* Shampoo, Tooth paste, Tooth brush, Dental Sticks?
* Dog Bed&Blankets
* Clicker Trainer

Thats all i can think of for now hmm.. :/
Is There Anything i have left out? ah and my Puppy will Be 8 Weeks old!.. 🙂

Also Any Tips on Looking After a Beagle Puppy?

Thanks for Your Time&&Help!..
Will Choose Best Answer&&Ratee In Return : )
Ah P.S i Know About Vets and her Jabs and that.. ah and also flee, Worming, Mites Treatment all all that stuff too x
Ah by Kennel i mean like a cat has a cat carrier to go to the vets in and a dog has a kennel carrier .

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    3 Responses to “Beagle/ Dog Question on Things i Need?”

    1. ♥whitney!♥ says:

      Beagles are VERY active. Play with her as much as you can, and take her on 1-2 walks a day, (short)
      maybe fence in your yard, or a portion of it. Maybe an electric fence… Beagles fur is also easy to take care of so those little burs wont be a problem if your yard is crazy with plants. It just gives her time to play on her own!
      Take her to see other dogs.. She needs to be socialized. Maybe your local petstore has a class, or a day camp. If she is not socialized, she will be very "b!tchy" to other dogs and has a large chance of biting and being mean when she ages. I’m saying she could start biting HUMANS.
      I take my dogs to a dog park! its 45 minutes away, so we go maybe once in 2-3 weeks.

    2. Jen says:

      I don’t see a leash on the list.

      Take the toilet training pads back and teach your dog from the get go that the bathroom is outdoors. Beagles are notorious for being messy little dogs and if you start by teaching this dog it’s ok to poo indoors, it will become much harder to get her reliably potty trained.

      Training tips … get natural balance dog food (at petco, it comes in a big sausage looking thing, get the beef flavor) and cut it up for training treats. Beagles have a great sense of smell and are easily distracted, but this stuff smells GREAT and very potent. It’s enough to keep a beagles attention. Works awesome for other dogs too. I reffer to it as "puppy crack" lol! 🙂 Oh and it’s high quality dog food, it’s actually good for them. Beagles are also notorious over eaters, but since this is nutritious, you can subtract the amount used for training from their overall intake of dog food for the day. Keeping your girl slim and trim.

    3. Mithraprincess says:

      Looks like you got all the good basics covered.

      I might also add a playpen or gated area that surrounds her crate for supervised playtime. it will also serve as a nice long term confinement area that you can put your doggy toilet in if you have to be gone longer then 1-2 hours.

      Make sure you buy chew toys that you can stuff lots of food into like Kongs, Squirrel dudes, biscuit balls, anything rubber and hollow. Beagles are busy little dogs and stuffing chew toys will keep them busy and give them an outlet for their sniffing instincts.

      Kyjen hide a squirrel or the IQ tube are big hits with my busy little 12 week old dog and she loves to "hunt" out her prey.

      The potty stuff is a biggie, make sure you get pads with a urine attractive scent or a bottle of "Go here". Also put an enzymatic cleaner on your list and LOTS of paper towels (mine has gone through a few rolls already from accidents…) *** As your dog is only 8 weeks you will have to train her indoors for a bit to prevent risk of disease before she is vaccinated*** But you can make a toilet out of a cat littler pan and a square of sod to encourage the "grass" instinct.

      I noticed you said, kennel and I assume that is something you can transport her in the car in?

      Here is another list of good puppy necessities from Dog Star Daily

      Add some patience to that list and lots of love and your all set!