bed vs crate – both ok?

the first night we had our puppy, she slept in her crate.. cried for a bit at first, but then, went to sleep and slept for 7 hours… well, last night, my fiance satyed over, which would be puppy’s 2nd night, and we put her in the crate for bed. she all but wimpered and he felt bad and took her out. i told him he couldnt do that, and of course, he knew it, but anyway.. he petted her a bit, then put her back.. then, i guess she made a cute face at him ( go figure.. lol) and he took her back out again, cuddled with her.. i said whatever and went to bed… he petted her a bit more, then put her back and came to bed.. 5 minutes later, i got up to go to the bathroom and when i got back to the bed, he had her cuddled up in a towel in bed. now, this is a 35 year old man, so its not like he is some immature kid, he just loves this puppy so much.. and its really cute and funny, cause he’s a big, stubborn italian man. i know this is wrong, so, i am trying to figure something out. my question is
if she sleeps in the bed while he is here, and is good in a crate when we are both gone frokm the house, on the nights that he is gone and not sleeping over, can she learn to stay in the crate – in other words, can a puppy be trained to sleep in the bed when both parents are home and in the crate when only i am home? i know its a bit confusing for the puppy, and i dont want to really screw her up, so, let me know what u think…

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8 Responses to “bed vs crate – both ok?”

  1. ♥Boxer Love♥ says:

    It will be confusing. It’s like saying "you can go on the couch only if you haven’t gone swimming"

  2. Jess says:

    My Collie sleeps in her crate every night. She sleeps in my bed during the day and we even tried it a couple times during the night. Now, she knows the routine and knows that bed time is in her crate. I don’t know if the puppy you have will be the same. I don’t think once in a while will hurt but remember many of the dog experts say once your dog sleeps in bed with you, he views you as equal. Something to do with the alpha role. Anyway. I never cared about that. I sleep with my two Lab mix in the bed and they still are okay if I put them in their crates when I am out or if I am doing something and need them away from me. However dogs I have had in the past who were never crate trained and they would only sleep in bed with one of us. We never tried something else but if you were in bed and the dog was closed out of the room, they would scratch and whine. They wanted to sleep in bed with one of us. Not the dogs I have now. Crate training makes the difference. Good luck.

  3. Schnoodle_Mom88 says:

    It’s best to keep her in the crate until she is fully potty trained and you KNOW she will not chew up anything you left lying around. Puppies are notorious for getting into things when you don’t watch them. It would be terribly confusing for her if she is allowed on the bed "some times" and not others, plus by giving in to her crying he is teaching her that barking or whining gets her some attention – she MAY start doing that when no one is home in hopes that you come back to her.

    Put your foot down on the matter and just tell him she needs to stay in the crate until she can be trusted. IF, in a year or so from now (when she is fully grown….) you want her on the bed we can decide then.

  4. SmileItsNotThatSerious says:

    I do not crate dogs, it is a new "trend" meant to simplify the owner’s life.
    However, you can use the crate to safely contain or transport your pet for short time periods when you can’t supervise her, and there is nothing wrong with allowing her to sleep in your bed or her own comfortable, cage-free bed.

    And I have a big, stubborn Italian husband too, they’re the best, right? And yes, our 50 lb pit bull sleeps with us every night, since that first night of whimpering… you’ll find that they miss the warmth and closeness of their littermates and are crying to sleep next to another living thing, which is natural for dogs!
    Just work on crate training during the day, so that she is comfortable with it. NO IT WON’T CONFUSE HER!

  5. Ms. Barista says:

    If you don’t want puppy in the bed with you, then you have to put your foot down with your fiancé. He’s not respecting your wishes and yes, your dog will be ultimately confused as to what’s ok and what’s not. Puppy needs a set place to sleep. No changes unless you’re going to let her free throughout the night.

  6. PuppyLover says:

    I now it is really hard, but you need to keep her in the crate, or at least her own bed, but not in your bed!

  7. confusedbutblissful says:

    I think it would be a little hard for the puppy to understand. Like teaching a child that it’s OK to eat ice cream every night except nights when daddy is at work. Confusing right? Don’t do it. Tell "daddy" that he has to be strong.

  8. pandorastwin says:

    Yes it is possible and highly suggested by me. 🙂 Our Yorkie sleeps in our bed or in her bed in our room every night. Her choice. When we go out at night or when we have been out late, she sleeps in her crate no problem. Same with our Pit Bull with the exception that he doesn’t usually sleep in our bed but he does have a recliner in our room that he sleeps on when he’s not sleeping with our son. He’s crated when we will be out for awhile.