Bindy Shih kennel – Shih tzu – The perfect breed!

Shih tzu Originally the Shih Tzu belongs to a group of small dog races, which were bred by the monks in Tibet. From there they went as tribute dogs to the Chinese emperor yard. It was the imperial palace, in which the Shih Tzu was carefully bred and developed further. The result is the race, which admits now everywhere in the world . The Shih Tzu was bred, around which close come to Chinese term of a small lion. The name Shih Tzu means also “lion dog”. The Shih Tzu is a small, very durable and healthy dog. Lively, however not nervously. Its nature is friendly and independent, which makes it also an ideal Companion and family dog. Its rather strongly built body is covered by long, smooth cover hair and more closely undercoat. It can carry all colors. From gold-white, gold, grey-white, black-and-white, black to brown. Its singular face, which works like a chrysanthemum, fascinate everyone, which saw it once. The large, round and dark eyes contribute a further part to this singular expression. With its well muscled legs it is a joyful walker, but it is also lucky, if it can follow at home or in the garden to its plays, at which it in the high age joy finds. The Shih Tzu is a very healthy dog race. Therefore one can be safe that he becomes with good and kind-fair attitude a friend for many lucky years. © Internationaler Shih Tzu Club eV 2007 Music in this movie: Julio Inglesias and Dolly Parton – Hero

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