Boarding my dog for the first time. How can I make him feel comfortable?

My grandmother is usuallly my dog sitter when I go on vacation, but my fiance surprised me with a weekend away, and my grandmother is out of town. He’s going to be staying in a great place. Every person I talked to for a reccomendation for a kennel urged me to take him to this place. He has a roomy cage inside that is heated/air conditioned, and a dog door where he can go outside to a small piece of yard whenever he likes. They also let the dogs run free 3 times a day in a larger yard to play with each other. I know he’s going to get quality care, but I’m still afraid that he will get lonely, as he doesn’t like being left alone.

What can I do to make him feel more comfortable during those few times while he’s in his room and not getting attention from the workers or other dogs?
He’s very codependent. He doesn’t like to be in a room alone. If I get up and go to the bathroom he follows me and waits outside the door. Lol.

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9 Responses to “Boarding my dog for the first time. How can I make him feel comfortable?”

  1. Nicole Ortiz says:

    He will be fine and will most likely have fun. He won’t be lonely since the caretakers will be there and many other dogs. He will be able to run around and have fun and that’s all any dogs ever wants. he may seem weird or different after you get him. I’m not sure why but ever dog i’ve had has been that way, but after a few days they will get over it. Just make sure he has all his shots since he will be around other dogs.

  2. Not what you want to hear says:

    When you go to drop him off at the boarding facility, bring along a piece of your clothing that you wear frequently (like a shirt or hoodie). That way, he’ll have something with your scent on it and he’ll be more comforted. They might not allow bedding from home (due to sanitation reasons), but see if you’re allowed to bring a couple of his favorite toys too.

  3. iloveyou. says:

    You could bring a shirt of your’s with him, because i would smell like you so we could still feel close to you. You should also pack some toys or anything else from home that he loves.

  4. Elly says:

    Maybe his own blanket/beanbag or bed if you have one?? Something that smells of you and home and maybe some toys. Make sure the kennels knows what is usually fed, changing his diet could unsettle him. Have a good time!

  5. *Sombra* says:

    I’m sure your dog doesn’t get attention every minute of every day when he’s home.

    Your dog will be fine. Send along a toy or two and his own food and food dish.

    Then go, and don’t worry. RESIST the urge to call and/or check up on the dog while you’re gone. Boarding is harder on the owner than it is for the dog.

  6. There is no cure for Ignorance!Call a Vet! says:

    Take his Blanket or basket from home his favorite toys you could also give the kennel an item of clothing you have worn to put in his basket so he has something familiar to smell as well.

  7. MyPlugInBaby says:

    I usually leave my Dog some toys from home, this can be comforting to him as it reminds him of you. Also leave his most used bed, it will be comforting and smell like home. Some owners leave something in the kennel that smells like them as this can be comforting to the dog too. I always give his normal food to the kennel to feed him as this is familiar too.

    The more familiarity the kennel has the more relaxed he’ll feel

    Good Luck!

  8. Jorge N says:

    Its just a dog, a weekend away is not going to affect him.

  9. oregano13 says:

    Ask the kennel what personal items they allow. Many will not allow many items to be brought from home as they don’t want to have to keep track of them or be held responsible if they are damaged or lost. If they will allow you to, send his normal bed, a T-shirt or something that smells like you, a familiar favorite toy, and some chew items.