Boundaries for neighborhood kids?

We live in a small town and pretty much everyone knows everyone. Our house is only about 1/4 mile from the school yet we are still out of town a bit. We have land on which we have horses and we also have a pool and trampoline for the kids to enjoy. Today I had to run an errand so when I picked the kids up from school we ran to the store etc. When we got home there was 7 kids there waiting on my kids to get home. 2 were on the trampoline and the rest were out at the fence aggravating the horses, they had also let our lab out of the kennel and he was running loose. First the oldest kid there was only 9, second no one was home and yet their parents seemed to think it was fine they play over here. Right now the pool is still covered for winter but in a few months it won’t be and I do not need kids around when we are not home. These parents don’t see anything wrong with it and say their kids just wanted to see the horses or jump on the trampoline all I see is kids unsupervised and around things that could get them hurt causing my husband and I to loose everything we have worked to get. I don’t want to call the cops but it is getting to that point anyone have any other solutions. When I am home they can come over all they want but not when we are gone, even when my 16 year old is home I do not want kids around as it is not her place to watch them.
I did go and talk to the parents when I got home and found them all there, which is when they informed me they didn’t see a problem with it.

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4 Responses to “Boundaries for neighborhood kids?”

  1. Cynical says:

    this is a huge problem. and for the other parents to not see it as that have to be stupid or just have nothing to loose themselves. get a fence if that doesn’t work call the cops or tell the parents straight up if im not home your kids are not allowed at my house if i come home and see them there i will call the cops. you have to stand your ground you have a lot to loose and it would be a shame if you did just because other parents are stupid. step up and stand up for yourself and your property.

  2. Zachary P says:

    Just explain to their parents that you are not okay with it and ask them to please not allow their children to do this.

  3. "blessed with 4" Kaden,KeKe,Kia,KJ says:

    I agree with you completely, by no means should they be at your house while you are not home. I would first talk to the parents and let them know that it can’t be tolerated, explain to them that you feel it is very dangerous for them to be unsupervised at your home and you are not comfortable with people on your property while you are away, if that does not stop it I would definitely take it futher and involve the police.

  4. Mary Poppins says:

    Inform the parents that children are not allowed over if you are not home. Tell them that if their kids continue coming over when you are not there, then they are going to have to stop coming over (even when you are there), period. Be polite about it, but you’re going to have to be blunt if you want this to stop. It’s just not worth the risks.