Can a dog be purchased online and then be shipped to your house?

i paid 0 to some online website, which said that they will ship the dog via some postal carrier like UPS or similar to your house.

It has been 3 weeks but the dog i buy online has still not been shipped to my house. Today i visited the same website to know what is going on, but the website is no longer in existence. Its website address has now become a dead link.

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12 Responses to “Can a dog be purchased online and then be shipped to your house?”

  1. Nekkid Truth! says:

    you got scammed

    there are transports that deliver dogs to your house.. but try more like $1,000 + for such a service. Most people ship by air, and then you have to go to the airport to pick the pup up. That costs around $300.

    There’s no "postal carriers" that deliver dogs.. no UPS, etc.

  2. Kit_kat says:

    you were caught in a scam
    UPS and such does not ship live animals
    some palces do ship animals but you are going to get a stressed out pup
    who knows the condition or personality if you don’t go see and pick it up yourself
    find a pup in your area or be willing to travel yourself

  3. JenVT says:

    No. The USPS, UPS and Fedex do not ship live animals. I guess you got scammed.

  4. Ariane deR says:

    ~ ~ ~ 3 weeks? ~ ~ ~

    LOL it’s been 3 YEARS since this exact question was asked.;_ylt=AogzIdmKHf9wRqeb4EdXpfQjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080613153812AAA8DXF

    and gee what a surprise, your other account "Stephanie" copied an answer from there

    Don’t bother answering , folks, just report both answer and question for point gaming

  5. Carl Santo says:

    Scammed =/

  6. lollipop92 says:

    you have been scammed. it is a shame that you didn’t really look into this type of thing before you paid the money. this type of thing happens all the time; the best way to buy a dog or puppy is going to a breeder, going to a shelter or even looking online for people that are selling their own dog which you can collect or can be delivered prior to you handing money over. when i lived in south africa we were going to have a dog shipped to us but it died on the plane of parvo. it was really upsetting and i suggest that you don’t use this method in future even if they are reputable people as it can be unsafe and scary for the dog.

  7. Sydney Liu says:

    Scammed…If you think about it how is the physical environment around the dog in a plane going to be for the dog…no food, no water and all sick…And i dont think you can buy a good dog for $300

  8. Rayven ~ New Year Same Old Shyte says:

    Nope. You got scammed. Dogs are not shipped via post. they are shipped by airplane and you have to go to the airport to pick the dog up.

  9. I love my Doberman Pinscher! says:

    Sorry, the website was fake and you got scammed.

    I recommend going to visit your local shelter or reputable breeders if you want a legitimate dog.

  10. Popcornz_Yum says:

    It is actually possible, breeders can send dogs to customers that live a fair distance away. Technically though it wouldn’t be ‘post’ it’d be like sending your animal on holiday. But in this situation, you got scammed.

  11. Stephanie Bowman says:

    I think you got scammed. How did you expect a dog to live in the post?

    *I don’t have any other accounts, I just signed up yesterday, and was curious if she was actually serious that she thought her dog would live. No trying to get any extra point, only have one account, and I checked the link supplied and didn’t see my answer that was ‘copied’ You can check my other answers and see that I legitimatly answer questions

  12. Mitzi Bina says:

    You should know that buying a pet online is never safe. You should want to see in person what you buy. Would you purchase a child online with out holding or touching it and seeing it living and breathing first. I hope this was a well learned lesson and i do apologize that it was a hard one at that. Hopefully you will not try this again in the future.