Can cats have a cold?

I just took a kitten from my sister and I think it has a cold. It’s a young female cat, I think about 4 months old. She was covered in old flea wounds and then rolled in flea powder, she puffed powder when petted. She was also not fixed, forced to live outside in cold and rainy Washington, and my sister lives on a busy intersection. So I told her I was taking it because she obviously can’t care properly for a cat. My sister and I disagree on proper pet care because she’s an unlicensed dog breeder, she’s already bred her Toy Poodle twice and she isn’t even a year old yet. She keeps her breeders in a plastic kennel with very limited freedom and uses piddle pads instead of letting them outside. Now that I have the kitten she’s an indoor only cat with access to an attached greenhouse/ indoor pool/ conservatory, I got her an appointment to get spayed, spotted her with a monthly flea treatment, and got her tags. The only issue I still have with her is she keeps lightly wheezing and she sneezes boogers all over. My sister claims she has allergies, I’m thinking she either has a cold or the flea powder messed up her respiratory system. I first noticed it because she snores horribly, she only wheezes when she’s resting, otherwise she’s purring or pouncing on and wrestling with my daughter’s Chihuahua. She will be seeing the vet next week, I was just wondering if there was something I could do for her now to help her breath better.

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3 Responses to “Can cats have a cold?”

  1. ladyflacelt says:

    It could be a cold, could be an allergy. You need to clean off the flea powder, if the kiiten still has problems, could be a cold. It does need to be remedied soon…Better to used a warm wash cloth slightly damp, to avoid making it worse if it is a cold. Immersing cats in water is bad for both them and you…Warm bedding helps, too….Baby animals health issues can be as tricky as humans, but with patience and persistance, can usually be figured out.

  2. Sandy Sandals says:

    Yes, cats get cold and upper respiratory infections. It can be fatal in very young kittens. It sounds like yours is maintaining fine, as long as she’s eating and drinking and has a good energy level. Unless you can get her appt move to a sooner date, there’s not much you can do in the meantime.

  3. mippy17 says:

    Yes! My cat had the flu and just sat there for days without eating. They can get just as sick as you and I can.