Can I find a Dog Carrier for a big breed like a Labrador?

I want to carry my pet Labrador who is 2 months old. Are there Dog Carriers which will hold the weight of a 2 month old Labrador?

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  1. RoseofSharon says:

    Hi Carol,
    I am assuming you have a reason you need your Labrador puppy contained. You ask about a carrier? You did not say in the question what you will be doing with this carrier.

    If it is a soft sided crate you are looking for, I found this awesome one called the "Furrarri Kennel" on a site you can order from. A dog needs to be trained to be in a kennel, especially a soft sided one. Keep that in mind. This one is an approved for carry on.

    If you are looking to transport your pup on an airline, you need to purchase an approved kennel like the: "Precision Airline Kennel" I have heard you can ask airlines to put your pup in a pressurized part of the cabin hold instead of down with the luggage. This should be a lot more humane.

    If you are looking just for containment of a pup for like crate training, then I suggest a wire crate with a partition. This gives the best ventilation.

    Here is the store site: LDC or A-1 Pet Supplies is the name of the store

  2. Mama Tex says:

    There is no reason for a 2 month old lab puppy to be carried in a bag. They are full of energy and if you try to contain it all you are going to do is end up with a chewed up bag, an intestinal blockage and a very hyper puppy.

  3. munchkin says:

    well how much does he weigh ??? if you just need if for when the dog is a pup, there would be a few to chose from … but if you want something for when the dog is larger i would suggest one of those bike trailers … can be use to push around or attached to your bike … but for a dog under 20 pounds this is a good one: – backpack, pullable on wheels, up to 30 pound dog – bike/stroller trailer, up to 80 pound dog