Can you help me with my Anxious pit bull’s problems?

I’m am at my wits end. My dog has severe anxiety issues. He always has since he was a pup. He’s 4 yrs old..neutered early. Has always had trouble with "sprinkling" when nervous..always had excessive barking when he hears anything ,always had separation anxiety and pees and Poops excessively I believe its stress. He will not hold it for long when left alone maybe 3 hours max..he will soil the crate and lay in it not crating = chewing my house down. If I’m home he can hold it for longer sometimes 6 hrs+ but I’m so exhausted (full time student, mother of 3 6 yr old, 3 yr old, and 18 mths. My husband has a bad ankle has to have surgery again and won’t be walking for a while) I’m taking care of everybody, on top of it my dog is terrorizing my house. We just had to replace my living room carpet bcuz he started MARKing it. Please help me…my two options right now are surrendering him to a no kill shelter, or building an outdoor kennel but I’m afraid he will bark non stop and my neighbors won’t have that they’re old and retired. He is a pitbull the stakes are against him. I was wondering if anyone has tried anxiety meds? He’s a GOOD dog when someones home letting him be underfoot…but that’s not possible and I’m mentally and physically exhausted cleaning his messes daily. Money is sparse so I don’t have it to waste unless something is a sure thing to I said husband is having surgery soon and will be out of work only getting 70% of his income he’s the only one working while I’m finishing my degree. In 2 years we will have all the money in the world for the dog. But I need a quick cheap fix before I have a mental breakdown! Dont give me a lecture about a dog being a huge responsibility blah blah…I want tips and advice to FIX this. Thank you…kids and husbands and a home and school are big responsibilities also that am I JUGGling..its a miracle I have been through what I have and still in school. I’m not dumping the dog off (though I have considered not gonna lie) BUT I have carried this dog around as a tiny little puppy waking up with him at 3 in the morning to take him out and those memories are burned into my head this guilty conscience is telling me train the dog..then maybe find it a home If I still have no time. So I want some experienced help please!
I could even do anxiety meds in the meantime until I finish my degree then invest in some quality dog training from an expert. But for now my reality is money=extremely tight..and thats just life husband got in a bad accident medical bills are killing us.
Well I can’t take him anywhere. He barks aggresively at strangers and scares people and I can’t handle him 🙂 its a nightmare and my sons afraid of him when he barks like that (hes only 1 yrs old) so hes screaming the dog is barking its a nightmare. Or he jumps all over the car and he won’t sit down while I drive and gets thrown in the floor when I brake I’m afraid its gonna hurt him LOL the dog is a mess. I really think he needs to be on meds hes a basket case.

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    3 Responses to “Can you help me with my Anxious pit bull’s problems?”

    1. Janis says:

      Sounds like your dog needs some one-on-one time. Try letting him sleep on your bed at night. If you think he might pee, then whenever you get a break, just pet him for about five minutes. Also, try to get your kids to pet him. Just be careful to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t pull his ears or tail or poke his eyes.
      As for peeing… you should put him outside more often! Dogs need to be outside. They aren’t like cats or rodents or birds, who are fine with being in the house or in a cage all the time. If you don’t have a yard, and no time for walking, try putting some "smelly" newspaper in a pile by the door outside. If it has a smell, for instance, that of another dog, or even something like mild peppers, will make him pee on it. Soon he’ll get the idea that is HIS spot to potty on. Once he’s peeing on the papers, if you see him go to do it, right away put him outside. (Be sure the papers are by the door!) If he understands the door leads outside, and a much more exciting, smelly place to potty, he’ll go to the door and ask (whining, scratching, barking, or just sitting there) to go out. If no one’s there to out him out, he’ll go on the papers. Now, for some dogs, this may not work.
      I would always leave out the papers, even if the door doesn’t work, but be sure to spend any extra time with him. Even take him places if you can! Play with him, and try to keep things around the house calm.

    2. Mama Tex says:

      I have known a few dogs on anxiety meds. They do help some but it takes a while for them to build up in the dogs system to be effective. There are natural fixes too but they (to me are a waste of money). His breed along with the anxiety make him very difficult to place. People have a hard time placing well behaved and no issue pits.
      My suggestion is kennel him outside when you have to leave and as much as I hate them (to save his place in your home) use a bark collar. Along with meds. When its a choice between giving the dog up and using a collar I would choose the collar.

    3. Mrs. Crawler says:

      the meds are expensive and take time to work. Not to be rude but find a pit rescue in your area and either have the pup rehomed or speak to them about training options. I rescue pits and train them then rehome them but I have been told I am a rare rescue. your dog needs time from you to be trianed and a daily commitment to help the pup.