Casper – Well Trained Dog Loves to Cuddle and Smile – for adoption Casper is one HAPPY dog! He is a total goof-ball with a big smile and lots of love to give. Casper is very friendly with everybody he meets. He makes friends fast and the ladies fall in love with him right away. Casper is also great with children, he is simply a nice boy! Even though, Casper is very athletic and loves to go for runs and hikes, he would make a great apartment dog. Casper is very calm in the home and crate and house trained. Casper is the absolute perfect size at about 50 lbs. He received professional obedience training and is very well behaved. He walks great on the leash, is easy to jog with and loves to show off, how obedient he is. Casper loves to play with his toys, especially is red Kong toy (as you can see in his pics) Don’t let Casper’s cute cow markings fool you: He is a dog! And he can proof it with lots of sweet dog kisses! If you’d like to meet this cutie, please fill out our adoption application:

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