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What is the Best Puppy Pen

Tweet Hello, thanks for viewing my question. My puppy is about 5 months old and we had her for maybe 2 months now. She is a Boxer and Border Collie mix but she is pretty small right now. Right now she is about just under 20 pounds and the vet doesn’t seem to think she’ll […]


Pet to work or leave at home?

Tweet My dog gets crated at home all day. I do not live in a place where it gets hot EVER, and even on slightly warm days I wouldn’t try this. But today, my dog had a vet appointment so I had to take him with me. So I brought the crate, some water, some […]


Dog questions? thought id put them all on here to save points =]?

Tweet Iv got many dog questions and please answer as many or as little as you like i appreciate any help =) 1. At what age is best to start putting a collar on my pup and teaching him/her to start walking on a leash/ harness. I do not have the pup yet but i […]


how can i put a stray dog in a cage?

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What to do about my Whiney Great Dane Dog?

Tweet Hi… I’m just wondering what i can do to calm down my 11 month old dane when she is all whiney when I am getting ready for taking her for a walk or getting ready to go out somewhere else. She whines really loud and won’t stop. Like shes anxious and wants to go […]

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