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Crate training/house training your puppy

Tweet Crate Training is the most effective way of house training your puppy. It also comes in very handy if you want or need to travel with your pet. Other Dog Kennel Crate Sites Online


Do puppy pads work with potty training?

Tweet As some of you know, i’ve been asking tons of questions about puppies today, how to take care of them, and train them. In my last question I asked if I could leave it in its kennel while im away at school. Many of you disagreed, and I do too. Could I make a […]


Pee Pads to Crate Training, is it a possible transition?

Tweet I got my puppy just 3 days ago and I wrote earlier about how she had fleas. I took her to the vet and took care of that issue (combed her continuously, 2 baths, no fleas and got her some frontline just to be sure and I haven’t seen a flea on her in […]


Can anyone help me with potty training my dog?

Tweet My husband bought me a mini dachshund as a gift. We have been trying to train her to go potty outside but she refuses to do so. We have tried spanking, crating, puppy pads, walking, everything we can think of but she wont go outside…she will wait until you bring her back in the […]


What is the best way to start potty training a puppy and make them pee on the pads until I get home????

Tweet My puppy will be home by herself from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and dont want to keep her in a dog carrier all day. I want to be able keep her free, but I want her to pee and poop on the pads that I lay out for her……… would love some help […]

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