Considering getting a dog, advice on best kind for apartments, crating, etc?

I’ve been looking into getting a dog from a shelter (probably not a puppy) but I’m worried that it would be unfair to the dog since I usally have to be gone all day during the week. I’ve heard that some breeds are better for apartment living and are even happy to be in a small space all day (like a crate) but I don’t know what to think about that. Does anyone have any personal experience here, and can you tell me how long you feel okay leaving your dog on its own? Thanks.

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6 Responses to “Considering getting a dog, advice on best kind for apartments, crating, etc?”

  1. Greyt-mom says:

    Consider adopting a retired racing greyhound. Nicknamed ‘the 45mph couch potato’ these dogs are very calm, low energy and low maintenance dogs. They are natural sprinters – which means that a 10 minute burst of energy usually results in four hours of napping. They do not need to run a lot (if at all) and can be very happy getting all of their excersise through leash walking. Inside all they want to do is lay down and snuggle. Greys do very well being left alone for a work day. They will adjust their schedules so that they sleep when you are out and are awake when you are home. They literally take up one couch cushion or one large sized dog bed/crate. They are a low shedding single coated breed and they also do not produce the amounts of dander and skin oils that many large breeds do (so they have very little ‘doggy’ smell). It is also extremely rare to hear a greyhound bark which is nice when you live close to your neighbors. One more benefit of adopting a retired racer is that they have been in contact with humans every day of their lives. From the day they are born on the farm to the training center and racetrack they came into contact with lots of humans and were always taught to respect and obey humans. They are well socialised and also desensitised to large crowds and noisy situations.

    For more information about the breed or to find an adoption organization near you check out or feel free to e-mail me.

  2. dynovw says:

    The Cairn Terrier (Toto) is an excellent dog.
    Pros-They are easy to train and are eager to satisfy their owner.
    -They are not the smallest but are also not even near a big dog.
    -Crate training was a breeze, it has become her safety net!
    -She is excellent with children and other dogs.
    – They are also Hypoallergetic. (They do not shed)
    Cons- She is very energetic sometimes over whelms me with energy.
    She is a natural hunter and digger so she requires a lot of excersize (Trips to the park)
    All dogs are a pleasure to be around so what ever choice you make you are sure to be happy with.
    Good Luck

  3. Pantherempress says:

    I suggest you do research on the best indoor breed. A smaller dog would be best. Pugs and hotdogs seem to do good. An older less active dog might be a good choice too.
    The pound people should have some ideas. Also a well behaved dog that won’t ruin your place. If you are going to keep the dog in a crate then it isn’t worth getting one. Maybe a cat.

  4. Purple girl says:

    Before you get a dog, think about the responsibility you are taking on. A dog needs to be walked every day for at least 20 minutes…more if it’s a big dog. If you go away on trips you will have to either take it or pay for a vet. Dogs get sick just like we do and vet bills aren’t covered by any insurance and can be really expensive. All that said, find a breed that appeals to you, then find the dog of your heart. You will know it when you see it.
    Good luck!

  5. Valkyrie says:

    There are some apartment complexes that do not allow dogs. Make sure your complex allows them. I don’t really know what kind of dog you want though. Do you want a big dog? small dog? Puppy? I mean, I recomend a terrier for everything…I love terriers but It is personal taste, mabey you can ask the people at the shelter which dog is best.

  6. announmous says:

    Thats great you are thinking of a shelter dog. You will not regret it.
    Make sure whatever you get has a LOW energy level. This way it won’t be bouncing off the walls when you return home. I would stay away from terriers. Yes, dogs like to have a crate. It is like a den to them. My dogs love their kennels. Italian greyhounds are really cool. They don’t have much energy and are coutch potatoes. Or a English bulldog. But a mixed breed might be perfect.
    Good luck,.