dachshund rescue help please?

there’s a malnourished pair of doxies hanging around that i need help for. unfortunately, they rent my landlords house at the other end of the street. they are severely malnourished, covered in fleas/ticks. if i were to take them it wouldn’t take long for the "owners" to figure out where they are. and there’s no Animal Control here. when i’ve complained to the PD about mistreatment and abuse, their response has been, "a dog is a mans property to do what he wants with".
i need to know if there’s any dachshund rescues in the mid-TN area that could take these dogs RIGHT AWAY.
they hang out on the side of the highway.
i’m not set up for little dogs. i have NO kennel space anywhere.
and for those of you that know about the coon hound Molly, i found out she came from the same home!
i’ve tried to enlist the aid of nearby shelters and the TN Humane Society in the past and got ZERO help. just a form letter saying, "thank you for your concern".
so does anyone know where i can find some RELIABLE help for these 2 little dogs?
thanks Nekai. the link won’t follow through (it brings me to the home page, then i get ERROR), but i left a message on the phone and i’ll e mail the other.

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  1. Dances With Woofs! says:

    I don’t know how much this will help,but there are three dachshund rescues in Alabama. Here is a list of all of the dachshund rescues,nationwide.In the meantime,is there anyone at all who would be willing to take the little dogs and keep them until you could get a rescue to take them? Of course it would need to be in another town so the owners wouldn’t find the dogs,but if they let the dogs run loose,they might think that they just up and "disappeared." Good luck.


  2. texelgirl2 says:

    sounds like you live in a unintrested state. That there is NO help for you in this situation is very sad. You CAN contact HSUS (Humane Society of United States) http://www.hsus.org/
    now you dont have to believe in them or like what they stand for but they can and usually will put you into contact with someone that will investigate and do more to help with the dogs. They may be able to contact investigators from outside your county to come and help you. Though keep in mind little will be done to prosecute. Since it sounds like the PD still think of animals as property in your state and county. The most that can be done is to convince them to take better care, or have them sign there ownership over to the authorities. It sounds like your going the legal route which is better. The other thing is if you can get a friend, not of that county, to pick the dogs up from the highway since they are not on the property of the owners, and then have them take the dogs to a shelter a couple of counties away and tell them they are strays from the side of hwy so and so. Dont give much details about it. Then be sure that shelter helps them out, once they hold the dogs for the right amount of time, you can maybe help them get to a Dachshund rescue. That way they are not in the area and are at least having minimal care, vet care, and food. Its not the most honest way but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

    Take a look at this sight for Tennessee there are ALOT of numbers, there might be a ton of calling to do, but SOMEONE here has to know where to get help and someone should be able to help you out with suggestions and contacts.

    OH crap Nekai gave you this sight already… anyway Thats IS the best bet if you can get to that sight.

  3. Nekai RIP Kira 12/20/92-09/12/08 says:

    A star for you, sweetie.

    Have you searched this site? http://www.pgaa.com/Tennessee.html

    I’ll add as I go, I’ve got about 10 more minutes here so I’ll see what I can do!

    Keep in mind some rescues are not listed, but are forwarded to through word-of-mouth. Looks like a non breed specific rescue might be the way to go for starters.

    ADD: Breed specific! Dachsund
    Michelle Roddy, 423-837-4946 (Leave message with kitten3912@bellsouth.net)

    ADDII: There may be a coordinator in your area, or surrounding area here: http://www.drna.org/

    ADDIII: This may lead you in a promising direction, you can also post on the boards: http://dachshund-rescue.org/index.php

    ADDIV: Ok, this is it for now, this could help if you find resuce and need transport, or they could lead you in a direction to help: http://www.doxie.org/