Difficult Pet-Sitting Situation?

My friends have been away for a few days, and they left me their puppy to pet-sit. She’s a young thing who hasn’t been house trained, so she did have quite a few accidents, some of them staining the carpet. Being young, she also had a tendency to chew. She left some good puncture wounds in a pair of my sandals and ripped up a good corner of an old carpet. Whenever she would go in her crate for the night she constantly whined and barked.

Needless to say, I was pet-sitting for a great friend (a best friend) who loves me and her dog dearly. I don’t know how to politely tell her about her dog’s mishaps without her being angry with me. Do I tell her the truth without sugar coating it? Also, I don’t know how I would tell her politely that I would prefer not to pet-sit for her again. Any help is appreciated!

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4 Responses to “Difficult Pet-Sitting Situation?”

  1. Leroy Mccoon says:

    No matter WHAT you say or HOW you say it ………. you`re going to kill an old friendship ……. that`s a GUARANTEE !! ………….. trust me !!!!

    If you want to maintain this friendship , say nothing , and find an excuse if you`re asked next time ………..

  2. Kiss Me Kate says:

    if she’s a friend at all she won’t be angry at you—but honestly, that’s what puppies do–you should tell her about the sandals-she might offer to replace them—but i’d let the other stuff go and if she asks you again—consider the age of the dog (they grow out of that puppy stuff if trained) and the current behavior of the dog-if it isn’t what you want to deal with just have plans! or a dog allergy!

  3. Bean says:

    when she asks you how things went just be like" well….", if she is a good friend she will offer to fix/pay for these things. or if she is short on money right now, at least bake you a cake and start a payment plan. next time she asks just tell a white lie about being busy or something.

  4. ihaveasexyhusband says:

    She should have told you what to expect before you agreed to puppy sit. You, on the other hand, should have found out exactly what to expect before agreeing to taking on the puppy.

    When she does come to collect the puppy, you need to tell her the truth. There is no need to sugar coat it as she needs to know everything.

    She should also pay for the damage to your shoes and the carpet and if she doesn’t, you need to ask for this.

    Also, next time she asks, if the puppy hasn’t been trained, tell her that you won’t until she’s been trained as you don’t want any more damaged furniture / shoes.