Do you think keeping a dog in a crate when you are away is right?

Do you think it is right to keep your dog in a crate? At night or when you are at work? What is your opinion on the matter? I personally would never ever keep my dogs in a crate. I feel like it is wrong. They are not my prisoners they are my pets and they are like family to me. However, my sister does tend to keep her 3 dogs in crates. It really bothers me when I see the poor little things in there but I know she is a good dog owner so I would just like to hear how some people rationalize keeping your dogs locked up so maybe I can better understand.
As I said I would NEVER keep my dog in a crate.
PomsNZ: In response to your questions she eats Iams dog food and she will occasionally eat table scraps. Also, I keep my electrical cords blocked off so thats not a problem and I have never, not 1 time, had a problem with her peeing in my bed.
I also want to add that I keep my house exceptionally clean so that I don’t have to worry about them getting into anything.

And I am stating my opinion (which I have a right to) and asking for yours. Rude comments are not necessary.
Lycoris: I do not think it is wrong that you allow them a safe dark place. What I think is wrong is that you confine them to that place. My dogs each have there on spot that they like to lie in however I would never force them to stay there while I am away.
P.S.-PomsNZ: My dogs are not in the wild so Iams is just fine. Also you are correct. One day they might do something wrong. Same goes for your dogs and any other dogs. And any person for that matter. Mistakes are made. It won’t change the way I reaise my dogs.
Just Curious: FYI I don’t find leashes cruel hoever I hardly ever use them since I have a fenced in yard. If we go to a friend’s house or something I do keep her on a leash depending on the friend.

Steve E: You say you bet your dogs are trained better than mine and yet you say if they have full use of the house they will chew something bad. Hmm..yea sounds like they are trained real well.

Audrey: I lock him up in my home all day? First of all thats nothing compared to locking him up in a tiny crate. Secondly, he has free reign outside whenever I am home if they choose.

Ashley Say NO to breeding mutts!: *Rolls eyes* You are home and yet 3 of your dogs are in a kennel? You sound like a great pet owner.
Alimuhboo: The vet recommended that we feed them Iams. According to her it is good for them. However, I will research what you say and speak with their new vet (as we have recently moved to another city) and get his opinion on the matter. If its bad for them then I have no problem at all switching brands.
Again, Ashley Say NO to breeding mutts!: I did not brag about feeding them Iams. I simply stated it because it is a fact. However as I have already stated further down my post I will research it and I have no problem switching brands. Maybe you should read the whole thing before adding your smart remark. That was a waste of your time and mine.
The last edit was to Ashley and Audrey.

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23 Responses to “Do you think keeping a dog in a crate when you are away is right?”

  1. Cheyann says:

    If its just at night or for a short period of time then its not cruel. If they are in there for the majority of the day then it is cruel. I don’t crate my dog. He behaves so there is no need.

    And vets are not nutritionists just like how doctors are not. They were never trained in nutrition. Iams is a crappy food. Its corn. This talks about dog food

  2. ɱẫɳ ợƒ ɱ¥şŧƹ╓ƴ ------------------------ é±áº«é³ says:

    Locking a dog in a box/cage/crate is inhumane. Put any name to it and it is still a locked box. I wouldn’t have a dog in my house if it needed to be locked up.

    And if someone could not be in my home to care for a dog I wouldn’t allow one either.

    It’s rather odd/strange that the same people who chastise others for putting their dog outside for a few hours a day have no problem with caging one for 6-8 hours at a stretch with no companionship whatsoever.

  3. alimuhboo says:

    It depends on how the owner uses the crates. My dog stays in the crate only when we are not home…its for his safety. I have trained my dog pretty well but he still has his moments and I would hate for him to get into something that could harm him.

    He LOVES his crate by the way. Dogs are animals that like to be in cave-like areas. He will go in there on his own sometimes for some privacy and resting. When he was neutered thats the first place he went and just relaxed in there all day. He felt safe there.

    I would also like to say that I agree with the other person on here that said you feed your dogs Iams yet are so strong about the treatment of animals. First thing, Iams is a terrible dog food full of fillers and nothing is nutritional about that meal. Dogs who eat that kind of food are less healthy and live shorter lives. Second, Iams is a company who tests on animals like its going out of style. It is disgusting. They feed dogs Iams and then cut them open in order to see what the food is doing to the muscles and other body parts.

    You will never crate your dog yet you neglect its nutrition and support a terrible company that particpates in animal cruelty? HMMM seems like you are VERY uninformed.

  4. Lycoris says:

    My dogs go to their crate on their own. They LOVE their crates. They want to be in them even when the door is left open, and they’ve been house trained for years! They feel safe in their crates. I don’t even have to close the doors when we go to bed at night anymore because my dogs would rather sleep in their crates than anywhere else.

    So tell me, why is it wrong that I allow my dogs a safe, dark place where they can have some privacy? I would give them a dog house if they lived outside, so why can’t they have a sanctuary inside?

    I, too, think that you are humanizing your dog. Dogs do not think like people. They are dogs, they will think like dogs. Give a dog a quiet and safe place to be when you are away, and he will be safe when you get home.
    Let a dog have free reign while you are away, and you never know what you’ll find when you return. A destroyed home could be the least of your worries. How often do you figure that happens when a man forgets to crate his wife before running an errand? Like I was saying, dogs are not people. When you treat them like people, it doesn’t make them act like people, but it can make them unsafe and unhealthy.

    ADD: I understand that, but I think you might be missing the point of crate training. It’s meant to give them a safe place, to teach them that their crate is their comfort zone. That way, they can be confined for short periods of time when needed (such as at the vet, or when you have to run a quick errand and cannot take them with) without causing stress, or they simply have a haven to retreat to when they become overstimulated. It is not meant to be used as a constant babysitter. When used correctly, it is a good thing, it keeps dogs safe and content in situations that might otherwise be dangerous or stressful. When it is not used correctly, it can cause harm. I guess you could say that I am not against the use of crates, I am against the MISuse of crates. I’ve cared for dogs that have suffered from the misuse of crates (bladder and kidney infections, atrophied limbs, sores, ect). On the other hand, I have also used crate training (in conjunction with other forms of obedience training) to help rehabilitate abused and mistreated dogs.
    Besides, even if you don’t plan to use a one for your dog, would it not be better to have taught her that a crate is her safe place in the event that one day a crate becomes necessary? There are situations that arise when a dog may need to be crated, and it would be very stressful for a dog that had not been crate trained. Even if you don’t plan to use one, I think it would be a good idea to train your dog for the possibility that you might one day *need* one.

    By the way, I do not confine them to their crates. I don’t need to. After a few months of training, they chose to retreat to their crates. I haven’t actually confined them to their crates in over a year. I live out of town, so I can’t leave them crated when I’ve gone. They would be confined there for far too long, and that would be cruel. For that, they have outdoor kennel runs. Yes, they are confined to their kennel runs when I have to leave them home alone. If I let them run loose, they could be harmed by wolves or coyotes, moose or bears. If I let them have free reign of the house, they and the cats would tear everything apart playing. Plus, you never know what can happen when you’re gone. A dog that is well behaved when you are home is not necessarily a well behaved dog when you are gone. A properly trained dog sees it’s master as the alpha, so when you’re home, they can be on their best behavior. When you’re gone, they could pretty much do whatever they want, and you wouldn’t know until you returned. And by then, it’s too late.

  5. sisu says:

    Crates are
    a tool not to be overused.
    effective in house training and managing pups through the chewing stage.
    essential for safe car travel.
    an extra layer of safety when there are repair people in and out of the home.
    often needed when staying in a motel or hotel.
    handy if the need arises to stay with friends or family.
    It is easier for a dog that is crate trained to adjust to confinement due to a medical condition.

  6. Davechrissy Rothenburg says:

    My 5month old puppy goes to training classes, and I asked the trainer the same question. I was feeling bad about keeping little bianca in her krate when we’re away or when its bedtime. As far as i was told by Her two trainers, they said having a krate is a good thing its their "safe haven". You should put them in it for bed time, start off with 1 hour each week increase your leave time. and praise your dog when you come back. Also, you can use the krate for "time out" put them in there for max 5 mins to calm down and thats it. it helps with potty training as well. When your training, lets say the puppy pees/poops on the floor inside..In order to discipline YOU MUST ONLY catch them in the act and put them in the krate for 5mins, comebck and take them back outside. Donot discipline the dog after they left already did it bc they wont know what your tlaking about. dont go past 4 hours to 6 hours(depends on age) with leaving your puppy alone in its cage…they cant hold the bladder as long as we can…When you go to bed, she goes in her krate. the only time she should be out of her krate is to play, spend quality time, eat drink and potty…dont leave the dog out so much until they get used to the krate training…when you feel they’re comfort, then what ever…My puppy loves her krate. I have her blankeys in it, 2 teething toys(one i freeze and she loves it) and i leave the door open she goes in and out when she wants to…dont use her krate as a babysitter!

  7. Little Boo says:

    There is nothing wrong with keeping a dog in a crate but you should not leave it in there all the time. If you leave your pet wandering about your house loose, it could hurt itself. For example it could chew an electrical cord, knock over something or injest something toxic and ect. However, a crate is safe and secure, it is a place where the dog really can not cause harm to itself or your posessions. A crate also helps dogs become potty trained. Dogs seldom enjoy soiling the place where they sleep but if they have lots of places to wander- they may feel more likely to soil inside the house. Crates are a safe, affordable and easy-to-setup option. You won’t have to worry about your dog injuring itself and as long as you spend loads of time with it when you get home, its perfectly fine. Time is essential in the emotional development of a puppy and as long as you meet THIS requirement and give it lots of love- crates are hardly any worry to the dog and should not be to you. I have been training dogs, breeding them and working with them all my life and whether the puppy is raised in a crate or is allowed to wander- makes no significant difficulty. One last thing to mention, that i have observed is that dogs who are allowed "free-range" are more nervous than those in crate. This is probably because they pace around waiting for you, dogs who are crate trained- recognize the crate as a safe haven and will usually sette down and fall asleep. (Dogs who are cratetrained will also find it easier to travel as they are more accustomed to the wait time and the space they will be stored in)

  8. AmandaM says:

    Crates should never be used for punishment or for keeping dogs for extending length of times. A crate should be a sanctuary for a pup to go to. It should be the pup’s own private den where it can go to relax. I also don’t think that a dog should be kept in a crate for long periods of time. Imagine how boring it is to sit in a small box all day! But if used properly and for short periods of time, dogs will love their crates and find solace in them.

  9. Ashley Say NO to breeding mutts! says:

    *Rolls eyes*

    Oh yes because putting a dog in kennel when you can’t watch them to keep them from misbehaving is a horrible thing… It’s not like they are "locked up" 24 hours a day.

    "They are not my prisoners" oh get over yourself. Don’t you think keeping a pet inside the house, contained in a yard and told what to do also makes them "prisoners"?? *Oh Gasp!*

  10. Audrey says:

    Confining a dog to a crate is no more "wrong" than confining a toddler to a play pin. I confine my dogs to crates because I want them to be safe. I do not want them doing anything dangerous, like, chewing on electrical cords, or eating toxic foods.

    My dogs are not prisoners. They are my family and close companions. Like you, I want what is best for them. Allowing a dog access to your entire house, without supervision is dangerous. It is not in a dog’s best interest.

    My dogs’ crates are their home. They are their safe havens. They are much happier and healthier, knowing that they have a safe, secure place to stay.

    Also, your dog could also be considered a prisoner. You lock him up in your home, all day long. And, you provide for him, on your terms. How is that any different?

    Edit: I would not brag about feeding your dogs Iams. It is garbage. Vets receive very little nutritional training and what they do get, is taught by the pet food companies, like Hill’s Science Diet and Purina. Not to mention, vets receive kickbacks for pushing unhealthy products.

    Edit edit: What exactly is cruel about confining a dog to a cage? If your dog is given sufficient food, mental and physical stimulation, potty breaks, and love and attention, why does it matter if it is kenneled?

    It seems to me that humans are the ones with problems, regarding kennels, not dogs. Dogs do not care. Only humans do. Dogs are not humans, though. They have shorter attention spans. They are content to sit in a kennel for extended periods of time (provided they are given proper mental and physical stimulation).

    I would rather my dogs be kenneled, than exploring my house, without supervision. They are very well trained, but they are not perfect and things happen. If I can prevent an accident from happening, I am going to do it. They have never chewed on cords, fallen down my stairs, etc., but there is always a first for every thing. Better safe, than sorry.

    As a final note, it is unhealthy to confine your dog to your home and backyard all day long. All dogs should receive two, 30 minute walks a day. And, please switch your dog’s food. As I stated, Iams is extremely unhealthy. Go with Taste of the Wild, Innova, Blue Buffalo, or something similar. Or, better yet, go raw.

  11. April says:

    It is right to crate your dog. Crating your dog can prevent your dog chewing dangerous objects and getting into things. They are not prisoners, your dogs should be thanking you for putting them in crates, most dog deaths are caused by chewing up electrical cords. Crating your dog can help the housebreaking process. The only problem we should be concerned of is crating your dog too long, like 7-8 hours or using a crate as a punishment.

    I have read your Additional Details, and the truth is that many dog owning families usually let electrical cords in the house where the dog can clearly see them. Also, its great that your dog doesn’t have a problem with peeing in your bed, however, most dogs can do their business on their owner’s bed. If your dog is doing great on a crate, that’s fine, as long as you keep them safe. You have also said your dog eats table scraps. That can result in a big problem. I would ignore your dog while eating at the table.

  12. Elizabeth H says:

    It depends on how behaved they are or how old, I suggest from the time you et the dog til they are well behaved keep them in a crate while you are away, my dogs sleep with me though:)


  13. Schnauzer Girl says:

    I think that crating does is ethically wrong, but realistically right.

    Ethic of the ?- How would it feel to be crated all day long? Dogs have feelings too.

    The reality- Without crates, dogs would run around and be all scared. My house is my dogs house, but he would get scared being there all alone.

    Also, a crate can become a dogs little "safe haven" where they can cool off in a place where no one is bothering them

    As for sleeping, I bought beds to put in my dogs crate. Plus toys. And an attachable water bowl. I never crate my dogs when I’m home, because they are my family. At night though, they need a space just for them

  14. Midwest says:

    Yes. Until the dog can safely be alone I think there is no problem with it. My two dogs (and the third that passed away in may) LOVED their crates. We left them open in the day and they’d go and have a nap in them etc. I used to feel that it was cruel but then I realized the dogs actually are comforted by the fact that it is their own space. Think about it, we have our rooms that we know is a safe place for us. Dogs in the wild have dens and crates mimic that.

    Sometimes it is for safety and training. You don’t want your dog to get into anything while your gone and you need to be able to supervise to teach it the right things. My dogs went in crates until I could trust that they were going to be safe on their own.

  15. Steve E says:

    My puppy can’t be trusted with full use of the house he would chew something bad and probably die so he is in his kennel safe and sound.

    My other dog is not a chewer so he is loose in the house. On weekend we go to dog sport events or training and the dog must be in kennels when not being used. We travel nearly 60 day per year so a kennel is a must. My dogs are also not prisoners but they are animals and I keep them safe in kennels that they are trained to like. You should see my puppy in the morning before I go to work he almost runs me over trying to get in.

    I think you are humanizing your dog, good luck with your way of training, I bet my dogs are better trained and behaved than yours.

  16. Just Curious says:

    It should definitely be done with puppies. Not only does it housebreak them quickly but it keeps them safe while you’re gone. A house can never be completely puppy proof and I know dozens of stories where people left a puppy home alone and came home to find it dead from electrocution (wire chewing) or poisonings or falls.
    Of course there’s thousands of stories of people leaving pets alone and coming home to find things chewed.

    If you do any research at all into raising a dog properly you’ll find that 99% of books and sites will instruct you to crate train. So you think you know better than all those professionals?
    I suppose you find leashes cruel too.

    Your sister is actually being mature. She knows better than to personify animals, that only leads to assumptions and misunderstandings. A dog is not a person, it’s a dog. If you want to give it the best life possible then treat it like a dog.

  17. Bonzie12 says:

    I had to crate my dog when he was younger because he would just destroy everything he could get his teeth on. Putting him in the crate made him calmer. No harm done and it helped to house train him too. Some breeds just get into trouble no matter what you try with them so crate training is easier on you, the pet owner, and on the pet. No yelling or reprimanding the dog because he did something bad while you were gone. It didn’t take long for him to lear that if he behaved, he didn’t have to go into the crate.

  18. goa says:

    You are right. Dogs should never be kept in a crate. Dogs should be laid in a manger. You get mangers on ebay. Get one.

  19. PomsNZ says:

    wow, so you refuse to feed your dogs biologically appropraite dog food too?

    being crated is something dogs do in the wild, although its called a den.

    PLUS its safe for the dog, stops night time weeing, dog chewing electrical cords etc.

    P.S in the wild, dogs do NOT eat Iams!!! (you misunderstood me when i said biologicall appropriate dog food, I suggest you research the BARF diet)

    and as a long time dog owner you can never ever state for sure your dog never does anything, as one day, it might…

  20. Sora says:

    Yes, especally puppies. Who knows what they will find and eat if they are allowed to be out free. Until your dog is out of the chewing stage its safer for everybody. When you leave the house i mean.

  21. Brandilion says:

    I’ll answer your question with another question.

    Do you think someone keeping you in a crate is right…?

  22. Michelle Cota says:

    no keepin a dog in a crate iz not good at all take da dog wherever u go trust me da dog will feel love and close to itz owner

  23. sierra and comanche says:

    im against it.
    It is called stop being lazy & train them properly instead of locking them up.
    We have 5 dogs & we leave them loose 24/7.
    They Are trained properly & don’t bother anything.
    When they are puppies its a different story crating them Teaches them that if they behave they can stay out of the crate.

    Try putting my male mini schnauzer in a crate lol
    He will Destroy the crate & get out.
    If he is left out he is fine you put him in a crate & you ll be buying a new one
    Even the metal ones he gets out of them.

    If you give your dog Toys & train them they wont chew on electrical cords.

    My dogs have a dog door if they want to go outside they can they have 40 acres to run on & they are always fine they don’t chew on anything because they have been trained & have plenty of things to do besides chew on electrical cords.