Do you think my puppy needs a bigger crate?

She is about 5 months old and we were told she is a mix of Boxer and Border Collie. Her crate is about the same size of my sisters puppy which is a Westie. My dog has some room to move around but not too much. I just saw her laying in there on her back and she had her neck bent to the side because she couldnt lay on her back the whole way of the crate. Usually I don’t see a problem she just lays down, and not even that its a problem.

Does it seem I would need a bigger crate? What’s the rules on crates?

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    12 Responses to “Do you think my puppy needs a bigger crate?”

    1. Proud owner of a maltipoo says:

      I think you should get a bigger crate.Like another person says they should have room to move around,and stand up.

    2. Busia Siberians says:

      She should be able to-
      -Lay down comfortably
      -Go in her crate easily
      -Turn around in her crate comfortably
      -Stand up without her head touching the top

    3. Diana says:

      The crates I use for my dogs is big enough for them to lay down turn around, but not much bigger than that. Sometimes I put both dogs in one crate and when I get home they don’t seem too cramped. It needs to be big enough that they can stand and lay comfortably,. Does your dog crook her head when she is sleeping out of the crate? Hope this helps.

    4. Proud Mom Of An Agility Dog says:

      the rule is simple the dog must be able to stand up and turn around without any problems

    5. Sam says:

      With her being a border collie, chances are she’ll grow to be a lot bigger than the westie. A large factor depends upon how often you crate her (is it when you’re gone, at night, when guests are over etc.), but she should still have enough room to lay down comfortably. If she looks like she’s uncomfortable, I would go a crate size up just because you don’t want her to hurt herself trying to squeeze into a crate that is too small. She should be able to sit straight up, turn around comfortably, and lay comfortably in the crate.

      Best of luck to you both! :).

    6. Breeanna says:

      I dont really think its a problem. i have the same type of dog! Weird but when he was a puppy he slept in many diffrent weird ways. He still does too but we oly keep him locked up when its too cold outside and at night.

    7. Hector Bonilla says:

      I think she would really appreciate a bit more of space so she can lay down in more comfort without being all squished in her cage, also she will eventually grow so u will need to buy her one sooner or later..

    8. fishr68 says:

      I don’t like crates at all and see no need for them.
      My 11 month old Pug has never been in one, has his own bed on the floor.

    9. Casey R says:

      If your dog can not stand up and make a fully 360 degree circle the crate is too small for her. We also have westies and for your larger breed puppy will need to come with a large crate.

    10. Show Breeders Sell Better Pups says:

      She should be able to stand up with her head upright, turn around, and lay down.

      Simple Pimple!

    11. Alice says:

      Big enough to stand up in. She should also be able to lie down comfortably. Your dog will be a medium to large dog and a West Highland White Terrier is quite a small dog. It would seem obvious that the same sized crate would not be suitable for both of them.

    12. Foon says:

      In my opinion a crate should be be large enough for the dog to stand and sit comfortably with their head held high, turn around, lay down, and be able to stretch their legs.