Do you worry about your caged dogs while your not home?

Okay so i have two pits. These cages were the best things we ever bought honestly.. Before we never knew what we would come home to, maybe our couch cushions chewed oe who Now we have the cages my dogs like them, sometimes they even go in just to sleep and they prefer to sleep there at night too. My only concern is that there will be a emergency and the dogs will need to be out to have any chance to get out of the house or anywhere safer. Does anyone else have the same concerns?

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8 Responses to “Do you worry about your caged dogs while your not home?”

  1. Divapom says:

    I keep my dogs in exercise pens in the kitchen. They would be very visible and easy to catch in case of an emergency.

    If they were loose, they could either bolt out the door into the street during the chaos, or hide as is the nature of animals under stress. I also do not know if my dogs would come to someone else if they were afraid and stressed in a fire or other emergency.

    It is actually my cat, who roams free that I worry about.

  2. tess says:

    Yes i do, i have three small breed dogs that i kennel when i go to work or leave the house for any reason i do fear that a fire may start in my house while im out and they will be trapped in their kennels..but on the other hand even if the dogs were to be roaming the house free would they have a chance to escape a fire? Probably not. Unless a person has a doggy door for the dog to get out of the house in case of any emergency.
    One of my dogs isn’t destructive so i can leave her out but the other two are so i couldn’t leave them i choose to kennel them all out of fairness.

  3. jen says:

    It is a bit of a catch 22 – you want them to be able to get out of the house in the event of a fire, but not to destroy your house or injure themselves when you are not at home.

    Some ideas I can suggest would be to talk with your neighbours, let them know where your pups would be in the event of an emergency. You can buy magnets for your doors at Petsmart that say, ‘In case of emergency, please save my dog.’ I wrote in (3) on my magnets with a sharpie.

    It may be a good idea to talk to your local fire dept. and get advice from them.

    I have also signed up for ADT home security as they have monitored smoke detectors.

    Good luck – try not to worry too much…

    and congrats on the baby!

  4. $arah(APBT owner x3) says:

    No. They are safer in the crates. Just maybe talk to your neighbors and let them know in case of an emergency tell them to get the dogs out of the house, and let them know where their crates are at in the house.

  5. Naysaツ says:

    my dogs runs free… the only thing I have to make sure I pick up is the tv guide… he has something against it dont know why, but 100% of the time if it is left in reach it will be in shreds when I get back home…. its the only thing he chews up.

    I live in a complex and have very good neighbours thankfully and they have a key to my house and I have theirs and we have a plan in place if anything like that ever happened. there is a slight worry but I trust my neighbours will help out as best as possible, but my dog can get out side if need be.

  6. Bobbie L says:

    I would never crate my dogs in the house while I’m gone. What would they do if the house should catch on fire? We have a dog door so our dogs can get outside at any time. If you cannot trust your dogs in the house, and that’s all a matter of good training, put them in kennels, outside.

  7. Kemo sabe says:

    I let my dog run free. It’s my wife I have to cage up.

  8. sillybuttmunky says:

    I loved my kennels as well as my dogs. Mine were the same as yours – used them as their den, slept, hung out, and even played in their kennel.

    I do have the same concern – what if a fire broke out, or someone broke in, gas leak, etc. What I would do if you plan on keeping your dogs in a kennel for long periods of time is to 1. talk to you neighbors. The closer you are w/ those in your neighborhood the safer the street is. They tend to keep a look out for each other. 2. Post a sign on your door or window. Letting anyone know how many dogs you have inside. If a rescue individual comes to the house they will know what to expect and 3. If this is an option get a security system. They are good enough to detect fire, gas leaks, break ins, etc. And if you or others are not home they will contact the proper authorities.

    Thanks and Good Luck