does comfort zone with D.A.P work?

For the most part, my boys will never have to be alone. My newly adopted dog, however, sometimes freaks when left alone. He is fine in his crate at night but will freak if left in the house during the day. I’m moving into an apartment soon and can’t have him eating the place. I’m getting a baby gate so they can stay in the kitchen with water and toys (kong with stuffin is my best friend.) Also I’m investing in dog carriers so we can bike to the dog park for an hour of play during the day and they get a 45 minute walk at night. I was thinking of just using the D.A.P plug in or spray on their day time bed when I go shopping and such.

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3 Responses to “does comfort zone with D.A.P work?”

  1. big ed says:

    It works better with younger dogs. I have never liked the collars but the spray works well.

  2. srm2256 says:

    Everyone I’ve talked to says no, but a lot of online reviews for the DAP collars say otherwise. I think it varies dog to dog and you should try it and see.

  3. Ellen says:

    Since it is supposed to mimic the pheremones of a nursing female, I always say it depends on the dog’s relationship with his mother! 🙂

    Let’s face it, every dog’s mother was a b!tch! Technically.

    OK, I’ll get serious. It varies — from lots of trainers and dog owners, I’ve gotten mixed reviews. But it has helped a lot, for some.

    You need to do a be-happy-staying-alone desensitization protocol, as well — DAP or meds won’t do the job alone.