Dog destroys/eats everything and won't learn to pee outside?

Unknown breed small dog we’ve had for months (7 months old) won’t learn to pee outside. We limited giving it water only with his food so we can control when he needs to pee/poo. Even whilst doing that he pees inside whenever he gets the chance. He never asks to go outside when he needs to go, he just lets it out wherever he’s standing. We take him out constantly and praise him when he goes outside. Training pads never worked so please don’t suggest them, he just tears them up. He’s ruined our beds and comforters, he peed all over me this morning and he has peed on strangers and friends of ours too.

He also won’t eat his food anymore but steals our food from the kitchen or tries to eat ours when we’re eating. We punish him by putting him in his crate and telling him "no" and "bad dog" but he just won’t listen.

Anytime he gets the chance he’ll destroy anything he can get his hands on and any unattended food he will just eat. He knows he’s not supposed to because when he’s done something before we’ve seen it he looks guilty.

He also has an obsession with the bathroom, he licks everything in it, drinks the toilet water, eats the soap bars, destroys our poufs, etc.

We’ve tried so many methods. We’ve tried punishing by time-out; we tried NOT punishing him and instead praising him when he does the right thing; we tried spanking him with newspaper. We also tried muzzle-grabbing, bopping, to get him to stop biting us and he won’t learn that either. We praise him for everything he does right and we’ve been extremely patient but it’s been months now and he hasn’t made any progress. Please help us?
Oh and he also runs out the door whenever we’re not keeping him away from it or if we look away for a second. He goes straight for the cars and he made me chase him down a highway near our house.
He gets lots of exercise, we do a lot of walking in our town and I run with him to get him tired, we’re active people. When I walk him, for the most part, he has learned not to tug and walks beside me calmly.

We also have many toys for him and I play with him and give him affection constantly. We had him neutered within the first month we rescued him and of course he has a crate. We’ve had routines for him for months now and they haven’t worked that’s the only reason I’m asking for help. My point is that we’ve tried everything and it’s been months that we’ve been shutting doors, gating off sections, praising, disciplining, playing, etc. I have read tons of books and to be honest my family thinks we’re crazy for keeping the dog because of the issues we’ve been facing. In my eyes getting rid of him isn’t an option, there has to be a solution to all of this and I have faith in him.

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11 Responses to “Dog destroys/eats everything and won't learn to pee outside?”

  1. BEV says:

    First you need to train yourself – not to bop him, not to spank him, not to hold his muzzle, not to withhold water, not to yell at him and so on. All of this could certainly cause submissive urination. The dog probably doesn’t feel guilty so much as afraid when he sees your reaction to what he’s done; dogs are very adept at reading body language. Switching from negative to positive to negative reactions would certainly confuse him. Chaos creates chaos. You really need a good trainer – to train you on the correct way of positive training.

  2. _____ says:

    LOL! this is hilarious…thanks for the good laugh. you need to go to your library and read some books on basic dog training. he obviously has complete control of your household…do NOT take his water away from him. when he pees on you, scoop him up and put him outside (he will get the picture if you are actually consistant about it for about two weeks straight). shut the toilet seat lid, put the soap out of reach, dont leave human food unattended…etc, etc. and DO NOT hit the dog, it doesnt work. thanks again for the good laugh.

  3. MARK A says:

    The bad behavior is all linked together it seems, obviously he does not see you as his "alpha" as you have changed too many ways of correcting him, rather than persevering with one method. How many times do you take it out for a walk? try adding another walking session in the morning / nightime or a "play" session in the park, if he plays with other dogs ok, he will tire out and make your life easier as he will react to commands better. Maybe you should picture him as a 15 stone rottweiler – would you then put up with all that bad behavior?? you need to picture yourself in your mind – saying commands and him following them. it will get easier as you do this.
    for the bathroom issue – simple! close the door!! if not invest in a baby gate to control area’s where he roams. sometimes the peeing on greeting people is excitement or territorial, you should answer the door and make him lie down in his bed etc (you can bribe him with treats at first) and only when he is calm, get him to greet people, this should also be the case when you come home. this will also work when the front door is open as you will have created an "invisible boundary" for him not to cross.

    hope this helps and good luck!!!

  4. MamaBas says:

    You know, as I was reading all this, my first thought was this dog needs to be in another home!! Obviously there hasn’t been any correct training going on from day one.

    You need
    1. A crate
    2. A properly fenced yard
    3. Training classes – for you as much as your puppy.

    Pee pads are a complete waste of time, and if you have ever used these with your puppy, he will now be totally confused about where he’s meant to do his biz. And obviously that’s outside, and should have been right from day 1.

    I truly don’t know where to begin apart from saying re the bathroom, shut the door. Re the bedroom damage, again shut the door.

    Buy a crate and when you can’t supervise what’s going on, use it! Hitting, bopping, whatever, physical correction won’t work. And could make him aggressive in fact.

    As it’s going to take A BOOK to help you with this hooligan now, can you find a personal trainer to come in, on a one on one basis, and see what’s going on, and hopefully sort all this out. Otherwise yes, you may be far better to think about returning him to his breeder.

    And please don’t limit his water – if he’s having a complete feed, he should have a fresh supply of water available, all the time – apart from during the night.

  5. Dalmatian_Rescue says:

    It sounds like you have given to much "rein" for this dog. Have you kennel trained the dog. DONT USE THE KENNEL for PUNISHMENT!! The kennel should never be used for punishment. When the dog is not being supervised it should be kenneled. Dont let the dog out of the kennel if its tissing a fit. The dog should also eat in the kennel.

    Your routine should be Exercise, Discipline and Affection. IN THAT ORDER. Discipline means training and routine, NOT spanking, rubbing nose in urine/poop (DONT do that!!!! ) If your dog goes in the house, make a loud noise to startle the dog so he will stop, then take him outside to allow him to finish then praise, DONT RUB is NOSE in it! That will just teach him to go HIDE and do his duty!!

    Do not ever punish or yell at a dog for anything it did in the past or you didn’t catch him do, he wont get it! He may "look guilty" but it is not because he KNOWS he did something, all he KNOWS is that you are mad or your body language changed so he reacts to it! Dogs live in the present time, NEVER in the PAST!

    Use baby gates, gate off the bathroom! Shut doors, prevent him from going into the rooms you dont want him in. He should NOT be allowed in rooms you dont want him in. When he is out of his kennel he should be 100% supervised. If you have to leash him to you do it!

    Make him follow you where ever you go, this puts him in a follower position. Same with the door way. If you go to the door, he should be leashed before the door opens or kenneled and taught to WAIT and have him FOLLOW YOU out the door, there should be no pushing, excitement, it should be a calm ritual.

    Rotuine and Prevension! Exercise, Discipline and Affection in that order. Punishment shoudnt be one of these

  6. Z says:

    He ‘won’t learn’? Wrong. You won’t train.

    1. Neuter him. I bet $100 he’s still intact.
    2. Exercise him. This dog has no outlet except what he can find in the house. A tired dog is well-behaved dog.
    3. Do not scold for peeing. Clean your house with an enzyme cleaner. Go to the here for house training advice – it’s good, follow it.
    4. Get into a puppy class, obedience class, any class.
    You misunderstand your dog: "He knows he’s not supposed to because when he’s done something before we’ve seen it he looks guilty." He does NOT know this. Dogs do NOT feel guilt. He is wondering what sort of punishment you’re going to dole out – muzzle, newspaper, etc.

    He bites you? Seriously, you need to get someone. At least read ‘Good Owners, Great Dogs.’

    ADD: And for heaven’s sake, do NOT rub his nose in his urine! I cannot believe people still stupid enough to do this and recommend it.

    ADD 2: OK, you’re willing to try anything. Next up is formal training.. And try this:

    Control his food. Have him sit in a designated spot. Get his food bowl. If he gets up, put the bowl on the counter and have him sit again. Walk into his space, using your body, arms crossed. Repeat as necessary. He will learn that he must sit for food. Do this in every stage of feeding, from getting the bowl, measuring the food, filling the bowl, putting it on the floor, and finally allowing him to get up to get the food. This can take a while, especially since he already thinks he’s boss. You can also pretend to take a kibble from his bowl and eat it — his food is yours, until you say so. This is a very clear message to him. You own the food.

    For control, your ATTITUDE is key. This dog needs a benevolent dictator. I would not try to overpower him or punish him because he does not understand it and they way you’re doing it is ineffective. You are smarter and more confident than him. He’ll get it.

  7. Abitha says:

    take him to a trainer

  8. Mary says:

    Chances are you have a stubborn one on your hands, my dog also went through that stage. When he pees in the home say NO and rub his nose in his pee (yes it sounds cruel but thats what seemed to work for me) sternly say NO and put him outside close the door and let him stay there for about 15 minutes till he gets the point and them put him in his crate. With stubborn dogs it might feel like forever trying to train them but they eventually get the point. There is also a spray that you can apply to the places you would like to keep him away from (quite the disturbing smell). If he’s a male dog keep in mind that maybe it’s not pee he could be marking his territory. Either way let him know it’s wrong and put him outside. As for the bighting of the furniture, he’s teething so make sure you have plenty of chewing toys and bones laying around for him. He’ll eventually stop knawing on your furniture. If you catch him in the act say NO and put him in his crate. You must be consistant for all this to work. Try keeping him in his crate when you are not home so that he knows he cannot be trusted alone, you will soon see a change.

    Good Luck

  9. Launi ~And the Thunder Rolls~ says:

    Good grief. In all my years of owning many many dogs I have never had the problems people have.

    It is all about exercise, discipline, affection. Rules, boundaries and limitations.

    It is all about TRAINING.

    At this point I highly suggest finding a good qualified trainer. Good luck.

    Kudos, MamaBas

  10. Aeronyse Borzois! says:

    Well you can’t expect a dog that has never been taught to just know when to ask to go outside. As far as he knows he is doing the right thing. Try house-training. . .

    Here is a link with excellent E-Books & videos to help you as well as a great FAQ!

  11. ms manners says:

    Housetraining is nothing more than establishing a habit.
    Since you have tried so many different methods, chances are you are just confusing the dog.

    I bring new dogs home all the time (I foster), and most of them are not housetrained. This is what I do:

    I feed on a schedule, twice a day. I take the dog out every hour or so during the day, first thing in the morning (before the dog is allowed anywhere in the house), right after eating, and last thing at night. For the first week or so, I crate the dog at night when I cannot watch him.

    Inside, I keep a constant eye on the dog (tether him to me with a leash, if necessary). If I catch the dog making a mess in the house, I say NO, and immediately take the dog outside. This tells him that OUTSIDE is the place to go. If it is poop, I take the dog AND the poop outside, and leave it where I want him to go – dogs recognize the "bathroom" by the smell. I clean up the mess with an enzyme cleaner.

    If I do not catch the dog in the act, I just clean up the mess with an enzyme cleaner which removes the smell – because the smell will draw him back to the same place.

    It usually takes me between 2-10 days to housebreak a dog this way. I DO NOT RESTRICT WATER – you run the risk of dehydrating the dog by doing that.

    It sounds likely that this dog is marking as well. This is a discipline issue, not a housetraining issue, and goes hand in hand with his other bad behavior – he seems to think he owns everything.

    Establish NILIF (nothing in life is free) with this dog, to put him back in his place:

    When he does something he should not do, correct him – usually a sharp NO and a firm touch is enough for a small dog. You can also leave a leash on him in the house, and correct him with a sharp tug to the collar (this would work for running out the door). DO NOT crate him as punishment – dogs do not understand that kind of discipline.

    Dont leave food "unattended" within his reach….that is pretty simple to do with a small dog.