Dog hacking question?

I have a 5 month old German Shepherd. This morning around 6am he started hacking…..sometimes he spits up stomach fluid…looks clearish/brownish….he has been vaccinated at 9 weeks with the DHLPP…then again at 13 weeks….then at 17 weeks was his DHLPP with Rabies and I asked the vet to do the Bordetella/Kennel Cough. I am unsure why he is hacking…..I notice it is mostly when he is lying down in his crate.

I would like and Idea of what this is…and possible home treatment methods preferebly by a vet or vet tech that knows what they are talking about. I cannot afford to take him to the vet as I just got layed off…..Please if you have something rude to say….keep it to yourself or I will report you. Also he is playing, eating and drinking normally.
I got him his bordetella/kennel cough vaccine because it is an airborn virus and you don’t need to board your dog to get it…..and he was finished his vaccines just over a month ago.
He is eating normally and drinking…he isn’t bringing up his food…he plays outside with me…..could I give him something to settle his stomach…..

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8 Responses to “Dog hacking question?”

  1. schshe says:

    This is something only a vet can answer. Take him.

  2. BeagleMommy says:

    Does he eat grass or have you changed his food recently? My dogs are also 5 months old and I have changed puppy foods a few times. Sometimes, it just upsets their stomachs a little bit and they do the same thing – but only in the morning. They are fine otherwise. And mine go to the vet all the time (LOL – they have had a lot of problems because they are rescue pups).

    I would not worry – try to stick to the same food and a rigid feeding schedule so that his stomach can settle. If it keeps up and he starts to show other symptoms, sometimes an ER vet will give you free advice over the phone or a regular vet will. Mine will, but they kind of know me really well, so you might have to call around.

    But again, I would not worry. It just seems like his stomach is a little upset every now and then which is not abnormal for a puppy.

    Edit: To answer your question, letting him eat grass might help settle his stomach. I would not give him any people medicine or any medicine not prescribed by a vet. Maybe cut back his food intake and add a little bit of warm water to it to help him digest it.

    Again, just watch him closely and if it gets worse, you should at least call an ER vet. Lots of them will do payment plans. Good luck! 🙂

  3. threedogmomma says:

    Does he act like his stomach is upset? Is he trying to eat grass? Does he want to eat his food?

    Personally, since his vaccinations are up to date [and he’s not acting sick], I would give it a day and see if it clears up. Sometimes my dogs get an upset stomach for a half a day or so and then are fine the next day. Heck, sometimes even *I* get a stomach ache for a day and then it goes away.

    Just keep an eye on his water intake and make sure he stays hydrated.

    ETA: I wouldn’t give him any medications for one day of upset stomach. If it continues for more than 48 hours call your vet and ask if there are any over the counter meds you can try.

  4. Rachel M says:

    Geez, try to be a little nicer when asking these questions. We are all here to help you.

    I would check on him to make sure he is not eating anything outside or in the house first of all. Second, I don’t know how close the shots were given but your dog might have a reaction to the shots. I would watch him and just make sure he isn’t getting into anything that he shouldn’t be. Check the trash, water, food lying around, etc.

  5. iwishiweresomewhereotherthanhere says:

    Even though you got him the bordetella he can still have picked up kennel cough! I’ve had the same thing happen! Why did you get a puppy that shot if you weren’t going to board him in the first place? I wouldn’t be taking him back to the same Vet if that’s where he picked it up!!! He’s going to have to have something for it, maybe you could call and get something since he’s already been seen so often!

  6. New-Puppy-Owner says:

    I don’t know but maybe he just has something stuck in his throat. I am not a vet tech or vet, but I’d say just watch him and see what he does. If he is eating ok, then it’s probably nothing to worry a lot about. Hacking is just their way of coughing, and maybe he got something down the wrong pipe, like we do sometimes? If he doesn’t seem to feel bad, then I wouldn’t worry. That’s just me.

    Maybe just call the vet’s office. Mine will talk to me on the phone about my pup. I’m sure there are techs there that would talk to you about it.

  7. Yurok Warrior says:

    why are you asking us? Take him to the vet. something is obviously wrong if he won’t stop doing it. maybe something got stuck in his throat.


    The humane society might take a look for free