Dog Problems with a mutt?

My dog is very frustrating because she never comes! I want to get her an E-collar but I don’t have enough money and I’m not going to ask my parents, She is basically my brothers and mine so we need to deal with it. Anyways, she is a chow hound so I gave her food when she came to me SOMETIMES. She immediately started coming quicker and more often. But, then she figured out that I got food from my pocket so when I called her, if I had my hand in my pocket she would come, but if not, No way. She does come sometimes without food, but slowly, very slowly.
She also started barking again, but I got that out of her system pretty quick! She lives completely outside in a large pen, So I went in there, told her to go in to her dog house and made her stay in there for a couple minutes. She decided she liked her pen better.

Any ideas on how to train her she has no option but to listen? She is very dominant but she knows her bottom place.
She is a two year old American Lab cross rottweiler (She also has Rottweiler stubbornness)

>She gets enough exercise, about three hours a day.
I play with her by using toys, putting part of her meal in hard to get places, training her tricks and chasing rabbits/squirrels/birds and mice. I also made her an agility course which she liked in the winter but now thats spring is here she just looks at me like I’m crazy.
She doesn’t have any destructive behaviors, she only digs when she actually thinks its worthwhile and she doesn’t chew in the wrong places. When she is in her pen all she does is lie in her hay and sun tan her pink nose.

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4 Responses to “Dog Problems with a mutt?”

  1. Chloe Mills says:

    You could try clicker trainging for your dog, which is cheap and easy to get used too though it doesn’t always work with dogs, it does have a good affect =)
    You can also try her on a long lead, so that she can’t get away from you but still has the run, this might not be best especially if shes a big, active dog.
    You can try putting her in a field alone, so there is no other option but to listen to you when you two are together. An enclosed fenced up field etc.
    Try different options, only you know your dog =)

  2. Kaper says:

    You need to start ON leash. Buy a long line.
    That way, when she doesn’t come you can reel her in (not as in a correction). She has no choice but to listen.
    You train inside, on leash, no distractions. Then add distrations, then go off leash, no distraction, then add distractions. For each one you practice until she comes reliably.
    Then you move outside, ON leash, no distractions, then add in distractions. Only then do you even try off leash with zero distractions in a fenced in area.

    You get good at one level before moving up. If you have problems, you go back down a level and practice more.
    A reliable recall can take months to years depending on the dog. It isn’t over night. It is the most time consuming and most effort of most training.

    When she is on leash, and you call, if she comes, reward and praise. If she doesn’t, reel her in and praise.
    Move away from her if you have to, and reward when she comes.

    An e-collar is going to be useless unless you know how to use it properly.

    Again, she needs to be reliable ON line before she is ever let off line.
    And she should never be off lead until she is reliable in the recall.
    Never give a command the dog can ignore unless you are confident it will listen, it teaches them they can.

  3. Kathleen says:

    So she’s getting 3 hour walks? That’s good.

    How about socialization? Toys? Mental stimulation with training, tasks, things to do, places to go?

    She sounds bored to me. If she’s cooped up in a pen all day other than her walks, I can totally see her engaging in nuisance or destructive behaviours. What else does she have to do?

    A dog needs, in this order: exercise, training, socialization, mental stimulation. If you don’t meet those needs, the dog will find ways to entertain itself and I can guarantee you, you won’t like what they’ll choose.

  4. Bob Bobaroo says:

    Shoot her in the head.