Dog questions? thought id put them all on here to save points =]?

Iv got many dog questions and please answer as many or as little as you like i appreciate any help =)

1. At what age is best to start putting a collar on my pup and teaching him/her to start walking on a leash/ harness. I do not have the pup yet but i am just getting prepared. He/she (not sure which sex yet) is a Yorkshire Terrier, he/she is coming from a very reputable breeder. He/she will be 12 weeks old when i get him/her. I know that he/she will need all his/her vaccinations and cannot go out until he/she is 14 weeks old so i was wondering should i buy him/her a collar of his/her size and put it on him/her when i get him/her? or would that be a waste of money as he/she is going to grow? he/she will use a collar full time cuz it has the tags and such which is very important. So i want to know if i should wait or start him/her on a collar wants i get him/her. As for the harness and leash training? How old should he/she be when i start putting it on and walking him/her around the house and showing him/her the proper way to walk?

2. I want to know what the BEST dog food out there is? i mean the best! money isn’t an issue so what is truly the BEST? He/she will be sporting the long show coat so i need a dog food that will help maintain a beautiful coat as well.

3. Male or female what should i go for? All breeds are different so i am talking about the yorkie breed which is better male or female? If you had to pick what sex would YOU pick?

4. What is the best shampoo and conditioner? (long haired breed so he/she will need conditioner as well)

5. How big of a crate should i get? For a yorkie puppy? The yorkie will grow so i was wondering if i should get a crate that will fit him/her when he/she is an adult and if its too big now using a divider? Or should i get a crate to fit her then as she grows buy a new one?

6. Any potty training tips? iv studied and i pretty much know what to do but id love to here potty training tips from you.

7. How many times a month should i cut my puppies nails? remember he/she is a puppy and i want to get it use to things but i am not sure how many times i should cut her nails?

Thanks guys! i appreciate much!

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5 Responses to “Dog questions? thought id put them all on here to save points =]?”

  1. Boston P says:

    Bella? is pregnant with #6! :D, I like the personality of a yorkshire terrier. They are so sweet.

  2. I Has All Da Answers says:

    1) Get a collar thats cheap, and really really adjustable. Take him/her to the supplies store and see what fits him/her best now, but will still fit him/her while he/she is growing.

    2) Orijen is recognized by experts and pet owners as a very high-grade dry dog food. It contains no grains at all, relying instead on potatoes for carbohydrates. Experts note that potatoes are also a good source of B… vitamins and minerals. Deboned chicken, chicken meal and turkey meal are the top three ingredients. Other meats, namely lake whitefish, turkey and salmon meal can be found further down the ingredient list. In addition, all other ingredients are of very high quality and include whole fruits such as apples, vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes, whole eggs and more. There’s also a good assortment of herbs, botanicals and probiotic microorganisms. Users are as enthusiastic as experts, despite the fact that Orijen is expensive.

    3) Hmmm… thats a hard one. Well, if you’re planning to dress it up and put it in a bag like a designer dog, get a girl. Or go to the store and bond with the puppies before hand and figure out which one is your favorite.

    4) I would hake a long haired dog to the groomers. That way it can come home smelling pretty with those stylish bows on it. But thats just how I roll.

    5) Get one that will fit it later. Might as well, because it won’t be a puppy forever and you won’t want it to be claustrophobic.

    6) Umm… No, not really, other then the whole spray it or yell at it when it goes inside and reward it when it goes outside.

    7) I would suggest clipping the nails by taking just the tip of it off once a week to begin with, just to get him/her used to the process. This will help avoid nail trimming problems in the future.

  3. Pack Leader says:

    1. I would put a collar on her right away so she gets used to it soon. You don’t want to wait till later and she has to get used to a new collar and being walked at the same time.

    2. The best dog foods out there is-
    California Natural
    Blue Buffalo
    Taste of the wild
    Merrick Before grains
    Health Wise

    3. I would personally get a female

    4.Here would be a good shampoo

    5. Yorkie are small so get a crate that is big enough that he/she can fully stand up in and fully stretch out in. A crate big enough for his/her adult year if fine to get while he/she is a puppy.

    7. You won’t need to cut them very often while he/she is a puppy but you do want to hold his/her nails and rub them so he/she gets used to someone messing with his/her nails.

    Good Luck!

  4. Stalkers are cowardly thieves says:

    It will HAVE first 2 vaac.’ & can started on house & lead break IMMEDIATELY!!!!!
    Use a COLLAR-harnesses are for HORSES & the AR-brainwashed.

    ANY decent dry ADULT feed id FINE,contrary to what the silly feed-nazis blather.

    Dogs will stay in show-coat better than bitches,other than that,gender is completely immaterial.

    Get a Vari-kennel#100=small=use FOREVER! Do NOT use a stupid divider!
    Do *NOT* over-wash! What brand is completely immaterial. A SHOW-coat needs to kept oiled & sectioned & wrapped.

    Nails won’t need whacking even monthly.

    HOUSEBREAK- dogs can’t use a g-d "POTTY"!!!

    How old are you??? 12? Why aren’t you asking the BREEDER????

  5. Basset on the 'Net says:

    1. You can put the collar and leash on as soon as you get it. Possibly the breeder may have already introduced the pup to them. My pups usually wear a collar and leash at least once before they leave.

    2. The breeder is the best one to advise you on the appropriate food for your pup. While some foods are better than others, there is no definite BEST food, what might be a great food for one dog could be simply terrible for another one – even if the dogs are littermates! So what food is BEST depends on the dog.

    3. Depends on what traits you prefer. Again, talk to the breeder

    4. The breeder should be able to advise you on this as well. Like with food, there is no overall best, just best for that individual dog.

    5. Breeder again.

    6. The breeder should have good breed-specific advice for you here as well. My main comment is that CONSISTENCY and SUPERVISION are the keys.

    7. I like to cut my dog’s nails weekly. That way they stay short, and because it’s a regular part of their routine they don’t get all freaked about it (except when they go through the rebellious teenage stage, but that passes). The breeder should have already started cutting their nails.

    Not trying to put you off by referring all your questions back to the breeder, but if you truly have a good breeder then they are your most valuable resource for raising your puppy, and it’s good to get into the habit of going to them with questions, concerns and problems. A good breeder won’t mind, and will be happy to hear about how your pup is doing, and delighted that you are trying to take good care of your pup. Even if the breeder doesn’t know the answer to your question, they should know how to find out.