Dog Stores/Shops?

Are there any dog stores,shops,or boutiques I can take my dog and get her clothes and a dog carrier?
Around Charlotte,Pineville,or Wesley Chapel,NC.

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7 Responses to “Dog Stores/Shops?”

  1. Greatdane lover says:

    We live in NC right now and you can take them to petsmart and petco. Also there is a store near kannapolis that has a LARGE selection. It is called Carolina Pet Supply look it up in the phone book online. If you know your dogs size you can also look at stuff online. Most pet stores will let you take your dog inside.

  2. [koda] says:, petco or petsmart <also check those websites if you don’t have a store close to you.

  3. Lyssy says:

    You should google ‘dog boutiques near #####’ but insert your zip code. Than you can call the place and see if they let you bring your dog in.
    But like the first person who posted, it’s not exactly natural to be dressing dogs in clothes. I mean, they are animals, not people.

  4. Rosalie says:

    Look at
    They have lots of stuff!

  5. rescue member says:

    Sure, large pet stores like Petco allow you to bring your dogs in.

    Pay no attention to the busy bodies, if you want to get a carrier for your dog and dress her up and your dog doesn’t mind, that’s your business, no one elses.

    Have fun. We have 5 dogs and even have a doggie stroller for them – they travel with us in our r.v. and have a great time dressing up.

  6. Meggy Jo says:

    It depends on where you live.

    A lot of bigger cities have specialty shops for dogs, and some don’t. Most places have a Petsmart or Petco nearby, you could try there.

    Just realize, dogs aren’t meant to be in carriers and wear clothes, they are animals.

  7. animefreakalot says: