Dog training please HELP!?

I am worried about my puppy. He has started tearing up his wee wee pads and I know it’s a bad thing to teach them to go on the pads and not outside. I was doing great with his training but my husband and I have decided to separate and its been a whirlwind and ive stopped paying attention to him. I absolutely love him and do not want to give him away simply because I am going through a hard time. Things are setting now and I want to see if you all had advice on how t o get him back into a routine he is almost 16 weeks old. He is a maltese/poodle mix. As of now he is tearing up his wee wee pads and pees on the floor where the wee wee pad had been. He is normally in the kitchen I have crated him before and he does not seem to soil in the crate while I am out but normally I am out 8 hours a day at a time. I really love him and want to teach him. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “Dog training please HELP!?”

  1. Stephen A says:

    Dog training: the process of teaching a dog to perform certain actions in response to certain commands which the dog is trained to understand. It is a general term which does not, by itself, describe what or how the dog is taught.

    More training tips,

  2. utsabusybee says:

    Hey I had the same problem. My resolution was to crate Chewie overnight, and then first thing in the morning, I took him outside and waited until he relieved himself, praised him, and brought him back in. Same thing for afternoons, but in the beginning do it at least 5 times so that way your puppy knows that going outside is the place for him to go potty.

  3. hockeychick says:

    Well the above answer, "teach them when they are young" is not at all helpful. The dog is not "young" anymore but it is yes still trainable. When you are home take it outside!! Dogs will find joy in going outside and associate it with good.
    I would not wan to pee in my room(crate) either.

  4. Marungo says:

    teach them while therre young

  5. Kaile says:

    Be patient with your puppy, going to a corner and peeing is a big accomplishment for them, just like going to the corner of the yard is a big accomplishment for a grown dog. Do your very best to spend as much time with him as possible. Discipline him when he does bad, but do not yell or strike him. Speak in a strict tone that will let him know he did bad.

  6. CuteUs says:

    give your dog more time.. be patient while teaching ur pet 🙂

  7. Hey, You! Outta the gene pool! says:

    The dog can tell you’re upset. The other day, I was having a BAD day, I cried and yelled and all that–LOL– and he could tell. When I went to tuck my DD into bed, he ran into our office and peed on the floor. The ONLY accident he has had-EVER! He was reacting to my mood.

    That being said, get back to training to go pee outside. If you are having a rough time, a walk is a great way to give the dog exercise AND to clear your mind. I filled my MP3 player up with all sorts of fast paced songs and go walking…it helps!