Dogs and Postal Carriers?

Has anyone else had this problem? I live in an upstairs residential apartment (4-plex). I have a 12 lb Boston Terrier (11 months), and my upstairs neighbor has a 70lb Boxer (2 years). The dogs are confined to our apartments except when we are both home. We then open our front doors which face each other, about 15′ apart, and the dogs run back and forth.

Recently (all last week), none of my neighbors and I received our mail. When I went to the post office to inquire, I was told that it was because of the dogs. On the back of one of my letters, the carrier wrote "Bull Bog (boxer), 55lbs, Small black dog, 8 1/2 lb ‘DOGS CAN GO ANYWHERE!!’ "

In calling the post office, they informed me of the mail not being delivered due to the dogs. Mind you, the dogs are upstairs, and BOTH have been trained to NOT go down the stairs.

How have any of you dealt with a similar situation?
PS – I found it interesting that the postal carrier can identify a breed of a dog, but can’t tell when one is happy, wagging it’s tail, and it’s tongue hanging out, versus a dog growling and showing it’s teeth as if it’s ready to attack.
@Bozema – Would putting up a gate at the top of the stairs really work? If we put up a baby gate, if the dogs ‘truly’ wanted to, they could jump over that. Don’t see how a gate would solve the issue, unless it fits the USPS policy of being enclosed… stupid policy, but that’s the Gov’t working for ya’ (oh, and our postal carrier is a total a s s.)
The mail is delivered in the afternoon while my neighbor and I are BOTH at work (and the dogs are in the apt). On this one day, one time, were the dogs out playing, and we (my neighbor and I) were in the 15′ foot space carrying on a conversation when the postal carrier came.
@postal p – my neighbor rides horses, and he’s out there with them for several hours in the morning when they ride. The boxer is sleeping the rest of the afternoon – don’t judge ’till you know the entire story.

I’m asking for HELP! ie: WHAT DID YOU DO, not for criticism and sarcasm!

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6 Responses to “Dogs and Postal Carriers?”

  1. postal p says:

    They are just following regulations. I’ve been carrying mail for over 35 years, and I wish I kept count of how many guys have been bitten by nice dogs. My dog wouldn’t harm anyone, as they have a death grip on your leg. Is the substitute carrier suppose to know your dogs are wonderful too? I’m sure your neighbors are happy to get no mail because you let your dogs run loose. I feel sorry for that boxer, stuck in that apartment. You two are real beauties.

  2. Waggingtail says:

    They can do what they want, if they don’t want to deliver mail where there is a dog that worries them, they don’t have to. Don’t like it? Then don’t let your dogs run free.

  3. lyndsay c says:

    Easy answer.. Just keep your dog in the house when the mail is being delivered?? If I were a mail carrier and I saw 2 dogs just roaming around at their own free will, I’d be hesitant to deliver the mail too. Dogs are capeable of attacking at ANY given time for no reason.. From the sweetest little poodle on up to a rottweiler or pit bull.

  4. mommyto3rugrats says:

    I know that some places its a post office rule. I guess they are just tired of too many carries being bitten and they just arent chancing it. I have a friend whos dog was fenced and the mail man wouldnt give them their mail, but that one was an @ss!

  5. sammy1980 says:

    Postal Carriers are not allowed to deliver mail if a dog is loose or even on a lead in the yard. My mailman told me this one day when he dropped off my mail, while I was sitting on my porch with my dog on a lead. He delivered my mail anyway because she didn’t even look up when he approached. But he told me normally he isn’t supposed to, because of USPS policies.

  6. Bozema says:

    It’s at the carrier’s discretion whether or not they feel safe entering an area to deliver mail where there are loose dogs. If the carrier felt uncomfortable with the situation, they can refuse to deliver. They have no way of knowing the dogs are trained to stay upstairs and sometimes its hard to tell if the dogs will be friendly if the carrier enters their space.

    You’ll need to keep them confined at mail delivery time or put up a gate so the dogs are confined to upstairs.