Dogs are pooing in the house again….. HELP?

I have two labs both almost 3 years old. They have been house trained since the first 2 weeks I had them. They are very very smart. They are on regular eating schedules and not eating too much as they are actually on diets. They each get 1 1/2 cups in the morning and 1 1/2 cups at night. They go out and play and most of the time will relieve themselves outside. But the past few weeks they have been pooing in my spare bdrms. Not sure if maybe they smell something they are trying to cover, or are frustrated with me or what.. We just moved into this house about 6 months ago. I am about 6 months pregnant. There is no pattern with this thou. Sometimes at night while we are sleeping, sometimes they manage to sneak off in the evening. They are in kennels when I go to work during the day and they never toilet in there. I dont know what to do, or how to correct this…. Please help!!!!

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  1. Love Training says:

    First of all, close doors to spare bedrooms. Get some Nature’s Miracle and clean the carpets/floors in the bedrooms. The previous owners/renters may have had dogs that used these rooms for a toilet. If so, you need to clean up where they went.

    Anytime there is a change in your home life (like moving or when the baby comes) you should anticipate potty training setbacks. When they occur, go back to Potty Training 101.

    First off, confine him when you can’t supervise. I can’t stress enough the importance of this. For potty training, use a crate that is only big enough for her/him to comfortably stand, lie, and turn around in. He should not be able to potty in one end and lie down in the other. Make sure he’s not confined for too long — generally the age in months plus one hours (so 5 hours for a 4 month old pup).

    Every time you take him out of his crate take him outside. He should be on a leash. You should go through the same door every time. Take him to where you want him to potty and start repeating his potty command until he finishes. Then treat him and let him play or go for a walk.

    Put food and water on a schedule. Give 20 minutes to eat and then pick food up until next scheduled meal. Give water every hour (or when he’s obviously thirsty.) By scheduling meals and water, you are able to predict when he will need to relieve himself. Put him on leash and take him out.

    Watch for behaviors that tell you he needs to go out: circling, squatting, sniffing, crouching, ….
    I have clients who tell me their puppies won’t go while they are outside, only to come inside and make a mess on the floor! If you find this to be a problem, give him a reasonable amount of time outside and if he doesn’t go confine him for 15 minutes when you come back inside. At the end of that time, take him back out. Repeat this process until he goes. By doing this, you are teaching him that he will earn his freedom by pottying where it’s appropriate.

    Lastly, basic obedience training really can help. It clarifies leadership for your dog (and sometimes for the owners as well 🙂 )

  2. mcnatt c says:

    These Dogs Didn’t just forget how to use the bathroom outside I think they are trying to tell you something.Maybe another Dog had been going in there and they smell it or maybe you are not letting them out enough.My Dogs know when I am ill and will stay very close to me and maybe not take the time to go,maybe they sense that you are pregnant??Close the spare bedrooms and if you catch them going inside make them go out right then.And if they go out and use the bathroom Praise them right then.You have to praise or discourage the action right then or it does no good.Good Luck and may God Continue to Bless you and the new addition!

  3. Help plz says:

    if it not a new house and it has carpet the last people that lived there may have had a animal and they may smell it if it pooed or peed in there. even if the carpet was cleaned. i would suggest try baking powder sprinkle onto carpet let it stay for day or 2 to get into the carpet and the Oder the dogs are smelling they smell something.. or if it the room you are setting up for new baby and they see you sending allot of time there they maybe getting a little jealous

  4. ladybugs380 says:

    put there nose in it and show them they are better than that…. try giving them more attention, and letting them out maybe one more time.

  5. lizette613 says:

    every time they poop in the house take them outside so that they will know that they are supposed to go outside and then later they will get used to it

  6. ivy_mai_hanh says:

    you can let your dogs outside when you leave and put him/her on a leash and tie it to a part of your house and when you come home let them in your house.

  7. ghfan1024 says:

    To be honest they should be in their kennel when you go to bed until they understand they need to make it through the night again, but be patient. Have you moved alot since they were puppies? My Boston terrier used to have that same issue when we moved homes. I think it’s a stress thing and she had been the best potty trained dog since about 2 weeks old as well. So I would just reinforce their kennels make it comfortable and all. As soon as you think they are ready to come back out at night try go ahead, but as soon as they mess up the next night they go in the kennel. Keep doing this. I think it will work.

    GOOD LUCK! And congrats on your pregnancy 🙂

  8. sun1flower42 says:

    sometimes you just need to retrain them in a way. I think you should take them out more and when they do go to the bathroom outside, praise them. make it a really big deal. If your dogs are smart then that might be the problem. If you have stopped praising them for going outside they may not see the point in holding it anymore.
    Also clean the areas that they do/did go throughly and perhaps keep the rooms door shut.

  9. arkpudel says:

    You might try kenneling them at night, if this is when they are doing it.

  10. dorothy s says:

    One of them pooed or peed in the house or the previous occupant had a dog which peed and pooed in the house. Now they think that your house is their toilet. In future either let them sleep in your bedroom with the DOOR CLOSED or in another room with the DOOR CLOSED. Your need to re clean the carpets and your tiled floors.

    After a dog has urinated or defecated in the house, obviously you will clean this up. Perhaps you think that you have got rid of the smell and your friends will possibly confirm this, however your dog will still be aware of a smell. Your dog thinks that your house is a bathroom; dogs have a much greater sense of smell than we have. Give the carpets and tiles floors a good scrub. Hopefully your bump will allow you to do this.

    In the UK there is a washing powder to use in washing machines called Ariel get the BIOLOGICAL version Or get some special cleaning solution from the pet shop and clean your floor with this and never ever use pine disinfectant as this will attract your dogs to pee where you have used this.

    If because of your bump you decide to get a professional in to do the cleaning DO NOT LET THEM USE ORDINARY CARPET SHAMPOO IT DOES NOT GET RID OF THE SMELL.